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List the norms, folkways, and mores from American society. Is it difficult to identify them? Why?

Discuss the importance of these in American culture. Do any of them seem silly, irrelevant, etc.? What would happen if someone “broke a norm” (not a law)? How would people respond? Why?

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If your parents/grandparents were to make this list would it look the same/different? What do these differences imply about the social changes that have taken place in our society? Has cultural leveling influenced any of these changes?

Discussion Board Check – List

How can I maximize my points on discussion assignments?

1. Read the prompt carefully. 2. Exceed the minimum word count of 550-650 words (with the exception of discussion 1). 3. Read/view any and all article links and embedded videos in the prompt, if applicable. 4. Answer all the questions included in the prompt and support your claims with reference/s

to the reading/s. 5. Use details and examples from your own life and the world around you to connect the

course material with personal and current events. 6. Utilize the appropriate terminology and concepts learned in class via the required

readings, videos (if applicable) plus any articles or sources you find on your own that exemplify your point.

7. Support your statements, claims and opinions. 8. Spell-check. Grammar-check. Use proper punctuation and capitalization. Utilize

paragraphs. 9. Respond to at least two posts made by your peers. Make sure your responses are

thoughtful, intelligent and contribute to the ongoing dialogue. 10. Plan ahead and manage your time wisely.

Use this information as a check-list for each and every discussion post you submit.

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