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Create a 2,000-2,500 word research proposal that includes an abstract, introduction, literature review, rationale, methodology, significance/conclusion, and references (the last of which not counting towards the word count). Reuse previous assignments in this assignment, but those assignments should be modified and updated as per instructor feedback.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7

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Research Proposal Instructions

Prompt: In 2,000-2,500 words, create a research proposal for your research topic that includes an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, rationale, conclusion, and references (the last of which not counting towards the word count) in that order.


1. You may use first person, but not second person. Only use first person when absolutely necessary to talk about the fact that you are proposing research. Some sections like the literature review should not have any at all, but you will likely need it in the methodology.

2. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be flawless. Visit the Liberty University writing centers if you want extra helphttps://www.liberty.edu/academics/casas/academicsuccess/index.cfm?PID=38382

3. You must use APA formatting.

4. When proposing that you will be doing an action (like in your methodology) if your proposal is accepted, speak in the future tense.

5. Use Level 1 APA headings to differentiate between sections.

6. Your abstract should be a 150-250-word summary of what sections and topics are contained in your research proposal; avoid arguing your case there. Your abstract should be a scientific description of the parts of your proposal and what purpose they serve in the context of your proposal.

7. Remember that the introduction of your literature review is not the same as the introduction overall—the overall introduction usually focuses on the topic and segues into introducing the research hypothesis or question, which is typically the last sentence of the introduction.

8. In your conclusion, summarize your main ideas and emphasize the importance and future helpfulness of what you are doing.

Additional Suggestions:

1. Keep your audience in mind throughout. While your professor will grade your essay, remember that your audience will likely be someone who can grant money to support your research. Assume that person, committee, or organization is somewhat interested in your research topic. How can you show them that your plan to study it is a good one that deserves financial support? It will be easier to convince them if you can show you’ve done your research, your reasons for studying this topic lines up with theirs, and your plan to study it will be effective.

2. Look over the comments your instructor has made on your other related assignments and be sure to update sections of your research proposal for this assignment. Learn from past mistakes and successes.

3. Once you have put together all the pieces, read through your proposal several times to make sure that tone, ideas, and arguments stay consistent throughout. You’ve sorted out the puzzle pieces, but you need to make sure they all fit.

Research Proposal Grading Rubric

CriteriaLevels of Achievement
Content 70%Advanced 90-100%Proficient 70-89%Developing 1-69%Not present
Content72 to 80 pointsProposal has all required sections and thoroughly develops and explains the research topic and question throughout. Arguments are logical, relevant, and audience-focused.56 to 71 pointsProposal has some evident gaps and arguments are acceptable but may still leave some questions. All required sections are present.1 to 55 pointsProposal has large gaps in ideas, arguments, and reasoning. Some sections may be missing entirely.0 pointsNot present
Research54 to 60 pointsStudent has taken evident pains to embed research proposal in the scholarship surrounding topic. Proposal is well researched, and assertions are supported by citations and research throughout.42 to 53 pointsResearch is somewhat lacking, and some gaps in knowledge are evident. Some statements are asserted without proper support or citation.1 to 41 pointsProposal lacks proper scholarly context, and citations or research mentions supporting ideas proposed are rare.0 pointsNot present
Structure 30%Advanced 90-100%Proficient 70-89%Developing 1-69%Not present
Grammar, Punctuation, Diction, & Spelling36 to 40 pointsConventions of proper English writing and academic tone are followed throughout with few mistakes that largely do not detract from professionalism of content.28 to 35 pointsWriting is somewhat unclear and has several mistakes that detract from the professionalism of the proposal. Academic tone has some mistakes, but still serves the purpose.1 to 27 pointsProposal has many errors that severely detract from the professionalism of the research proposal. Academic tone is insufficient.0 pointsNot present
Formatting18 to 20 pointsConventions of APA format are followed throughout with only minor errors that are difficult to detect.14 to 17 pointsOne or two glaring errors in APA formatting with some smaller ones also evident that detract somewhat from professionalism of the paper.1 to 13 pointsPaper has many noticeable APA errors present that significantly decrease professionalism of the paper, but APA style is still evident.0 pointsNot present

Week 7

Posted on: Monday, May 3, 2021 12:49:22 PM EDT

Greetings All! 

Remember, Week 6 assignments are due tonight by 11:59p.m EST.

And welcome to Week 7! This week is the last week of the research proposal project portion of INDS 400, and this is the week you submit the final version of your project.  

The Research Proposal should be the easiest assignment of all, since you have already written the main parts. You’ve created a topic, question, literature review, methodology, and rationale. Now it’s time to put those together, add an introduction and conclusion, edit based on my feedback, and submit the whole thing! 

Remember, if you got ANY points off of your Literature Review and Methodology & Rationale, check why! You need to fix all mistakes for the Research Proposal. I will be checking!

Due for Week 7:

Reading & Study: 

· Textbook: “Writing a Research Proposal” 

· Article: “A Short Guide to Developing Interdisciplinary Research Proposals” 

· Video: “A Concrete Guide to Abstracts” 

· Video: “Finalizing Your Research Proposal” 

· Covey: Habit 6 


· Research Proposal 

· Reading Quiz 7 

Remember three things as you do this week’s homework:  

1. 1) You’re talking to one specific scholarly or professional audience about why they should fund or publish the research you are proposing.  

2. 2) You’re not arguing that your research will get a specific result or that someone should believe something about your topic. You just want them to support you asking the question.  

3. 3) Everything should be cohesive. Make sure all the pieces of your proposal make sense and flow together as you edit based on my feedback. 

Do these things, and I have all confidence that you will do great on this project. I’m excited to see your final proposal! 

I know that as we get to the end of the course you are all probably feeling tired. It makes me think of James1:4, which says, “Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” (NKJV). The verse refers to trails, and I think some of you would count getting homework done as a trail! But with patience and perseverance, you will finish the class and be one step close to a ‘perfect and complete’ degree.

All the best,  Professor Nagel

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