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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Why is the concept of organizational ethics important to health care organizations?
  • Who should set them?
  • What’s your experience with organizational ethics?


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Discussion week 2

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

 Why is the concept of organizational ethics important to health care organizations? Who should set them?

 What’s your experience with organizational ethics?  Do you think a solid mission statement will help guide employees to act ethically? Does your

organization have a mission statement and do you know it?  Please include a reference with your response

“A goal is a statement or formulation of that value, as, for instance, in a mission statement or ethics

code. Its values define an organization for its internal and external stakeholders—for staff, clinicians,

patients and their families, and for regulators, suppliers and the community that the organization serves”

(Mills&Spencer, 2005). The concept of organizational ethics is important primarily because it is what

defines an organization and how said organization is perceived. This is the organizations principals,

standards, how and why the organization operates. In my opinion the concept should be set by the

leaders of the organization and should be followed by all.

I personally have been met with well-balanced ethics that keep the organizations able to maintain many

goals properly and be successful. At my current place of work we always keep patients in mind even

though we are mail order and never speak to any of our customers the company always reminds us that

there is still an impact we are making. Specially to keep their safety and their health in mind at all times.

A solid mission statement will help the employees understand the organization they are working with

and for. It will allow the employees to easily adapt and be productive with good ethical standards. In the

company I currently work with CVS Caremark our mission statement is “to improve the lives of those we

serve by making innovative and high-quality health and pharmacy services safe, affordable and easy to

access.” (CVS Caremark, 2019). It makes the employees feel empowered and gives us a sense of purpose

within the organization.

CVS Caremark. (2019). My Life- Our Company. Retrieved from https://mylife.cvshealth.com/webcenter/portal/mylife/MyCompany/OurCulture/OurPurpose

Mills, A. E., & Spencer, E. M. (2005). Values based decision making: A tool for achieving the goals of

healthcare. HEC Forum, 17(1), 18-32. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10730-005-4948-2

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HCS/335: Health Care Ethics and Social Responsibilities


NameDue Date
Week 2- Signature Assignment: Organizational Research MemoLast day of week (Monday)

Assignment Grading Rubric:

· Describe the organization and its role in health care. (10% of grade)

· Explain the corporate culture and what makes it easier or harder for the organization to be ethical. (20% of grade)

· Explain the corporate mission, code of ethics, and core values. (10% of grade)

· Identify leadership strategies to promote legal and ethical compliance. (20% of grade)

· Explain legal and ethical issues the organization has faced. (20% of grade)

· Describe at least 3 new actions the organization can take to strengthen legal and ethical compliance. (10% of grade)

· Syntax & Semantics (10% of grades)

Note: The Safeguard Originality Report will be used to review this assignment. All external sources must have proper citations (both in-text and Reference List). Be sure not to overuse external sources, as this assignment is a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.


TaskDue Date
Response to the Discussion QuestionThursday
At least two posts to one or more classmates’ discussion postsLast day of week (Monday)

Discussion Grading Rubric:

· Initial Response (50% of grade)

· Reply #1 (25% of grade)

· Reply #2 (25% of grade)

· Grammar, Mechanics, & Spelling (10% of grade)

Note: Discussion posts must be posted during the week’s discussion. (Tuesday-Monday)

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