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In the previous pages, you were asked to craft a tentative thesis statement, note particular scenes and aspects of the novel to discuss, situate your ideas within the corresponding literary theory or theories, and conduct research to build context and amplify your working analysis of the novel. Now it is time to share your work and collaborate with your peers to hone in your essay focus and generate further ideas for research and support.  

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Initial Post | 2 Paragraphs

1. Explain what you want to focus your essay on, the particular scenes and aspects of the novel that you want to discuss, and the particular literary theory that your essay ideas are situated in (Note: if applicable, you can also discuss any literary theories that function on a secondary or interconnected level.)

2. Share at least one piece of research. Communicate the title, author, and where you found it; explain how it will add depth and complexity to your analysis of the novel; and provide one particular quote, piece of information, or idea from the source that you plan on using in your paper.  

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