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Assessment Brief

Module7CC005 – Web Technologies
Module LeaderAlix Bergeret
Assessment Number1
% of module mark100%
Due DateSee Canvas
Hand-in – what?Report / web application
Hand-in- where?Canvas
Pass mark50%
Method of retrievalImprovement to existing work and demo
FeedbackFace to face demonstration
Collection of marked workN/A
Learning outcomes:1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of, and the use of the tools and advanced techniques used in the development of sophisticated websites and Internet applications. Task 22. Show the development of a good comprehension of communications technology, with particular regard to the Internet. Task 1 and Task 23. Illustrate an understanding of programming techniques, and demonstrate the ability to generate sophisticated applications. Task 1

Task 1 – Implementation (50%)

You are required to build a Single-page Web Application on a topic of your choice. Pick something you have an active interest in, a hobby, a sport you play, a group or club you belong to, or any similar topic. Once you have selected your topic YOU MUST CONFIRM THIS WITH YOUR TUTOR. You will not be allowed to proceed with your topic of choice without tutor agreement. You may not change your topic without further consultation with your tutor.

The following features and technologies should be implemented:

1. Client-side framework – The client part of the application should be implemented using a JavaScript framework such as React or Google Angular.

2. Server-side API – Your client-side application should connect to a server-side API to obtain and save data to a persistent database.

All the principles and technologies above will be covered in the lectures.

Tools and technologies used to construct the website

The server-side part of your website (API) should be hosted on the student server (mi-linux.wlv.ac.uk) and created using the server-side scripting language PHP. Your data should be stored in a MySQL database, also available on mi-linux.wlv.ac.uk.

You may use any coding tools/environments you like, including:

· All PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel, PHP Cake etc.)

· All text editors (PSPad, Notepad++ etc.)

· All IDEs (NetBeans, Eclipse etc.)

· All JavaScript Libraries and frameworks (React, Angular, jQuery etc.)

· All CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize etc)

· All mobile frameworks

Please note that it is not possible for your tutors to teach you how to use the above tools at this level of study.

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to create your website using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress.

You are permitted to further develop any websites you have previously produced for other modules on this course.

Do not hesitate to discuss this matter with a workshop tutor if you have any doubts.

Version control

All code (client-side and server-side) should be committing to our student GitLab server on a weekly basis. Failure to do so will result in a reduced grade.

The demonstration

You must attend and present your website at a demonstration appointment with your workshop tutor (the schedule will be published near the end of the module). This demonstration is your opportunity to highlight the best areas of your work, and to answer any questions that the workshop tutor might have. You will be given feedback on your assessment during this demonstration.

Failure to present your work will result in a 0NS grade for this task.

Task 2 – Testing and discussion (50%)


You should perform some automated testing using the methods and tools taught in class.

Word count: 1000


“How does the development of a single page application with a client-side framework + server-side API compare to a more traditional web development methodology?”

discussion around the techniques and technologies used should be included. You should make appropriate use of literature, refer back to the experience acquired when you built your application (see task 1) and show a good understanding of the various topics taught on the module.

Word count: 2000


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