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Assignment Details:

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In this assignment, you will look at the project scenario and have an asynchronous discussion regarding any initial concerns about the project scenario and the Milestone One submission. Review the course infographic and course structure and check when the two milestones and the project are due.

Discuss your concerns through this submission.

Review the guidelines and rubric document for Milestone One, including the information packages for the three companies. Then record a short video sharing your expectations from and understanding of the scenario and corresponding requirements. Consider the following criteria:

1. Share your expectations and understanding of the scenario. Identify any initial questions or concerns you have regarding:

· The project scenario

· The performance parameters or metrics of the companies involved

· The deliverables expected in Milestone One

2. In preparation for the upcoming milestone, address the following:


· Review the profile information for TransGlobal Airlines. Why do you think TransGlobal is interested in the acquisition? What do they hope to gain from it?

· Review the information documents for Company A and Company B. What aspects of their profile do you believe make them attractive acquisition targets for TransGlobal Airlines?

Submit a 1 page write up

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