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Spring 2021 – E-Learning Out of Class Assessment (OCA)-5 (15%)

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Course Code/Title : ME290 Global Eng. Prof. SeminarSection Number :Instructor Name : Dr. Ali DincSemester/Year : Spring 2021

Assignment/Homework/Project Report Title:

The purpose of using Engineering Standards

Due Date: 06 May 2021 to be delivered as electronic copy only (upload to Moodle as word file or pdf) individually.


Similarity check will be done on this assessment (penalty points to be deducted). Therefore, Handwriting is not allowed. You should type in MS word (or pdf).

*(you can delete all the questions and write only the answers to reduce/avoid similarity)

Submission Date:

Student Name and Number ( individual submission)

Student declaration:

By writing my name above, I attest that I have done this assessment /homework/ assignment alone.  I understand that any act of plagiarism will be treated as an academic misconduct for which provisions stipulated in the Student Code of Conduct should apply.

E-Learning Assessment-5


Based on the lecture (Chapter5 Engineering Standards and Professional Societies):

Write an essay including both Part A and Part B by following APA Formatting and Style Guide for your report (include table of contents, abstract, introduction, conclusion, references etc.). Main body of report can be about 1-3 pages (excluding cover page, table of contents and references.):

PART-A: “The purpose of using Engineering Standards” give detail information.

PART-B: What are the typical Engineering Standards (provide names and numbers) required for a car design and manufacturing that Mechanical Engineers can use while working on an automotive project.

· Handwriting is not acceptable due to requirement of similarity check in Turnitin.

· Submission is individual to Moodle.

· Use the cover sheet given in Page 1 (and delete the rest) of this document for your report.

· Try to include references from AUM Online Library also.

Grading Scheme

1Quality and effectiveness of text (relevance with the topic, stating the point, clear ideas and expressions, quality of references etc.)Completeness of Text (required sections of Essay exists)70%
2Formatting in APA style and additional formatting instructions given in this document20%
3Grammar and typing10%
4Similarity check (penalty points to be deducted)

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