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In this course, the learner-faculty check-in assignments will be used for discussing the Milestone One, Milestone Two, and project guidelines. In Milestone One, you will have to perform an analysis to recommend either an incremental or discontinuous innovation approach for IoT innovation. Discuss your progress and concerns through this submission.


In this check-in, look at the  Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric  and have an asynchronous discussion regarding the points mentioned below.

Share your understanding of the guidelines to be followed for Milestone One. Consider the following questions:

1. What are your current thoughts on the recommendation for incremental or discontinuous innovation?

· What are your thoughts on the risks and benefits of each option?

· How do you think the company from the course scenario will be able to compete in the marketplace?

2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of both incremental and discontinuous innovation.

· How will the costs related to each option differ?

· How will the marketing approach for each option differ?

Submit a 1 page write up

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