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Welcome to the last Discussion Forum (DF).  Please post your responses and respond to at least one classmate by Sunday, 5/9/21.  Please note that you must post your own replies before you can see your classmates’ answers. 

This discussion is related to the  Presentation A ssignment .

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Use these materials to answer the questions below:

· 1619 Episode 3:  The Birth of American Music (Links to an external site.)

· American Greatest Hits by Year, 1840-2013 (Links to an external site.)

· Music History of the United States (Links to an external site.)

· A Simple Guide to American Music History (Links to an external site.)

IMPORTANT :  You must answer ALL questions for credit. 

1.   How has popular music throughout history used traditions and styles developed by black Americans?  (Write at least 250 words.)

2.  What are the most popular genres of American music, and how do they connect to one another?  (Write at least 250 words.)

3.  In your opinion, which genre of American music is most significant and why?  (Write at least 250 words.)

4.  How does The Birth of American Music podcast describe black music and blackness in music?  What’s the difference? 

5.  What ethnic groups contributed to American Gospel music?

6.  Why is Blues music so important in the history of American music?

7.  Why was Rock ‘n Roll so controversial during its early years?

8.  What formerly popular genre(s) of American music  should we be listening to today and why?

9.  What is the significance of “hillbilly music”?

10.  Optional bonus question (If you answer this question, you will receive 10 extra points on the Presentation Assignment):  How have music technologies such as radio, 8-track tapes, LPs, the iPod, and Spotify — just to name a few — impacted how we listen to music?  (Write at least 250 words.)

Pay attention: Questions 1 – 3 require at least 250 words each.  The rest have no word-count requirement, except the bonus question, which also requires 250 words.  Always post word counts for all answers.

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