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Need responses for 2 student’s posts. Response posts should be at least 200 words each.

Human Diversity and Human Rights

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Human Diversity And Human Rights Disability Studies
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Disability Studies


Response posts are expected to be at least 200 words each

Required Textbooks:

Garcia-Irate, E., McConkey, R., & Gilligan, R. (2016). Disability and human rights: global perspectives. New York: Palgrave.

Obrien, R. (2001). Crippled Justice. The History of Modern Disability Policy in the Workplace. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

DISCUSSION WEEK 6 POST QUESTIONS WAS: Based on our readings and what you understand about employment and poverty, in what ways do programs designed to provide assistance (government or otherwise) actually add to poverty. What do you see as alternatives to these programs?


Jusstis Warren,

Government assistance undoubtedly adds to poverty. Its without question that government assistance is in many ways beneficial to people living in tough circumstances, there is just one problem that arises from this type of assistance that comes in many forms. People who live in poverty when receiving the assistance should use the assistance as supplemental to help them arise from their circumstance, but instead they often become reliant and therefore end up using it as a crutch. There is a level of expectancy of some type of aid when you live in poverty in the United States. With this expectancy comes responsibility. As a person living in poverty you must try to pull yourself out of your circumstances by trying to do things such as find a better job, finding time to go back to school, meet new people who could potentially help you find new opportunities.

In many ways because of government intervention and assistance a lot of these people lose their desire to be self-sufficient. Why would you want change if you have everything you need? Most of the people who live in poverty from the time they are born to the time they are dead have little change in philosophy due to the engulfing nature of their surroundings. They are often too busy trying to get by they don’t make way for anything else to add value. You see from my own personal experiences I began to understand that poverty by definition is certainly a circumstance but more than that, poverty is a mindset. If your manifesting positivity and hope into your life, then you are able to back that up with a hard work ethic and an open mind you can certainly pull yourself out of poverty with very little government assistance programs.

Personally, I think the key to ending poverty is creating companies whose sole purpose is to pass off knowledge to troubled communities and teach them how apply the knowledge. These companies would teach the people in these communities a lot of basic information that the middle class and upper class often take for granted. They would cover a range of different topics such as finance, investments, and ways to make passive income such as things like the modern phenomenon cryptocurrency. It would be interesting to see whether this type of approach is something that could be successful, although I am skeptical because of how entrenched poverty is in the mindset of most living in disadvantaged communities.


Ashley Ellenz,

In our society, about 20% of Americans are on welfare or use government assistance. Even with all of the help from these government assistive programs, the poverty level in the United States continues it increase. Welfare and some governmental assistance programs can provide cash or food stamps for a limited time to low-income families. Other assistive programs can include free or reduced price lunches for students in school with parents who are struggling financially and unemployment programs as well.

Unfortunately, while I think that while the government assistive programs like the ones mentioned above are incredibly helpful and have saved many families from homelessness, others have found massive amounts of ways to take advantage of that same system that has helped so many in need. In some cases, these types of programs can encourage freeloading, dependency and idleness. There are even some cases that I have heard of, where people on unemployment and using its benefits will apply to random jobs while not actually wanting the job, just to fulfill the job search requirements for unemployment benefits, thus further ‘living off of the government’ temporarily.

I believe poverty is furthered by the allowances of certain programs like the one I just mentioned because the people taking advantage of these systems are not usually really trying to better their lives and the circumstances they are in like finding a job and thinking about their future.

In terms of alternatives to these programs that are often times continuing to add to poverty, I think an addition to these benefit programs would be a sort of ‘check-up’ system that would happen every week or month. By using the word ‘check-up’, my idea would be that a social worker or government worker that checks up on the person of family using welfare, unemployment, etc. to ensure that they are truly looking for a job and are spending their money in wise ways to promote a better future. I know in some instances, this ‘checking-up’ with families and people does happen, but I believe that if the government makes an effort to do these ‘check-ups’ with every person using their benefit programs and not let anyone fall through the cracks, then this could be a factor that helps with poverty.

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