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Should Major Changes Be Made By Courts?

Some of the most important reforms in U.S. history have been advanced by court decisions. This is especially true in the areas of civil rights (Black liberation, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights,  etc.) Thinking about the role of the courts and the Congress, is it best for major policy changes to be made legislatively, or by the courts? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of policy change through court rulings. Refer to specific court cases to support your points.

Background Materials

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1. OpenStax American Government, (Links to an external site.) Chapter 13

2. Various Authors. “Is the Supreme Court Too Powerful? (Links to an external site.)” (New York Times, Room for Debate, July 6, 2015). The “room for debate” includes six articles and reader comments. Read at least four of the six articles.

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