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Respond taking a position opposite a colleague’s on the influence of evidence-based programs on treatment practices. Explain whether evidence-based programs are more effective in addressing addiction.

Individuals with a substance use disorder face challenges including MH and physical health conditions, which can be severe. Evidenced-based treatment programs are valuable. An evidence-based treatment program can lead to long-term recovery and improves patient care by providing the best treatment for that individual. The object of treating an individual in any system is to help them recover from a SUD, maintain that recovery, and help prevent the use of mind-altering substances. Scientific research is essential to develop evidence-based practices. TC is one of those practices that has now contributed to retaining individuals in treatment longer and empowered women, helped individuals build a support network. Many other evidence-based treatment programs are precious in assisting individuals with substance used disorders. Explain how the prevalence of evidence-based programs has influenced treatment practices for addiction. Evidence-based practices have influenced policies grants and better treatment for individuals with substance use disorders. TC (therapeutic communities) has proven to reduce consumption of mood-altering substances after treatment. TC has continued to use communities and has integrated MI and relapse prevention techniques. “In Search of Evidence-Based Treatment in TCs for Addictions: 40 Years of Research in TC De Kiem (Belgium).,” 2017). A treatment program such as a residential program evidence-based practices can help improve the policies such as the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative. Individuals who are employed tend to complete SUD treatment, and those who work are more likely to maintain abstinence (Substance Use Disorders Recovery with a Focus on Employment and Education 2021).

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