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250 words! I will included the feedback the teacher gave me as well as the discussion topic for question 3

question 3 Discussion topic that most surprised me is grammar mistakes in email could make some people judge you

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TO: Students in BSAD 295 FROM: Ms. Alyse M. Pflanz DATE: April 26, 2021 SUBJECT: Written Assignment for Final Exam As you are aware, we have been working very hard over the past few weeks to improve your writing skills. You have learned different ways to communicate your great ideas so everyone can understand them in the way you envisioned. You have also done this in a time when life is not normal, and virtual communication is more important than ever before. English writing skills and word choice influence all our messages. Additionally, using correct grammar and punctuation is a key component in verbal communication, both writing and speaking. Now, it is time to reflect on the writing skills you need to remember the most when you come back for another semester or begin your new career in the future. Review the working copy and annotations (instructor-edited version) of your writing and submissions. Look over the various errors and comments noted on the documents.

1. Clearly and concisely, decide on three different types of errors that you would like to remember for future writing. Consider what errors were repeated most often when making your choices.

2. List at least two ways you plan to improve your writing for future classes and/or in the workplace and discuss why these improvements are important.

(PS. So often people say, “proofread or slow down” and then don’t even proofread this assignment. Don’t be that person J)

3. Name one topic within the textbook or from discussions this semester that most surprised you or changed your way of looking at communication and explain why you chose this topic and how it will influence your communication.

4. What has the past year taught you in terms of virtual and mobile communication since the pandemic started? What can you take from this moving forward in the future? For your future career?

Please send an email to me with your insights on these four important areas of effective communication by Wednesday, May 5, at 11:59 PM. Your response should be at least 250 words. Please utilize the feedback you have been given in previous email assignments to make sure you have proper email etiquette. Remember readability on a mobile device is key when sending emails. This should be written as body text in the email, not as an attached document. It has been great getting to know each of you in the short time we had together and know that I am someone you can always reach out to in the future for help or a question, even when I’m not your instructor (ex: help with a resume, etc.). Best of luck to each and every one of you!


Mentoring Program

Duyen Le

University of Nebraska at Kearney

BSAD 295-04

Professor Alyse Pflanz

April 11, 2021


TO: The executive committee

FROM: Duyen Le

DATE: April 11, 2021

SUBJECT: Mentoring Program

This mentoring program aims to elevate the relationship between the mentors and the

mentees. However, the number of employees in need of mentoring exceeds that of mentors.

Therefore, a specific number of about 20 persons whose need for mentoring is essential for the

company’s production shall be under consideration, and the scheduling will be at an appropriate

time for everyone. It shall create morale among the employees who feel overworked, thus yielding

high production for the company.

Benefit to mentors

The following visual is a presentation of how mentors benefit from mentoring programs.

Image 1: Benefits of mentoring

(Daily advisor, 2021)Alyse Pflanz91100000000021584This is too early in the proposal to share details like this. You want to hook the reader in with interesting information about a few of the issues and then state you are proposing the adoption of a formal mentor program and then in the statement of purpose share what you will be discussing throughout the proposalAlyse Pflanz91100000000021584The formatting for a memo would be single space and then double space between each paragraph. Don’t tab in the paragraphs either.Alyse Pflanz91100000000021584These should be aligned on the left margin – you tab in after the colon to line up with the subject lineAlyse Pflanz91100000000021584This image should have been smaller and not as skewed – use tight wrapping for formatting the image


The mentors’ knowledge or advice depends on the goal or a specific format of a mentoring

relationship. Mentors likely share information with mentees regarding their career path or provide

emotional support. The role of mentors changes when the wants of mentees changes. What is in

for the mentors is building relationships; basically, building trust must be an essential ingredient

for a successful mentoring relationship (Tjan, 2017). For this to be achievable, a mentor should

refine their rapport-building skills and learn to pay attention to all facets of how they conduct

communication. How they talk, their look is also part of creating a conductive or safe environment

for the mentees.

Mentors are also required to set expectations from the start of a formal mentoring

relationship. The expectations may include deciding when and where they meet and

communicating between meetings, and determining the relationship’s length—refining these

leadership skills aid mentors in becoming more effective team leaders when chosen to manage


Reasons for motivation in helping lower-level employees

The motivation of employees is essential to an organization’s success. The level of

commitment, energy, and drive that the company employees bring to the role daily helps

maximize profit output in any organization (Conrad et. al, 2015). Without these, companies are

likely to face low output levels and reduced productivity, and the company can fall short of

reaching its essential goals.

Measuring the success or failure of the mentoring efforts

Below is a picture demonstration of effective mentorship from Pinterest website.Alyse Pflanz91100000000021584You’ll want to be the one to provide direction on this for recommendations. The more details you recommend, the more likely they’ll consider adopting the program – would this be on company time? paid time? think about what you would be willing to do as a mentor/mentee


Image 2: Effective Mentorship

(Pinterest, 2021)

Mentoring is a situation where more experienced or knowledgeable individuals guide the

less experienced persons. The relationship of mentoring benefits both the mentors and the

mentees. The role of mentoring as an essential mode of development and learning is highly

accepted; this is quite evident since more research proves the efficacy of mentoring with positive

outcomes like retention, engagement levels, and improved skills (Gandhi and Johnson, 2016).

However, hesitation or resistance is also felt in more organizations regarding the investment of

informal mentoring programs or scaling up an already existing one. Reluctance being a failure in

mentoring efforts is because the generic data about mentoring is not always convincing, as

specific data tend to illustrate the success or effectiveness of mentoring within any given

organizational context. For determining or demonstrating the success or effectiveness of a

mentoring program to establish value effort of mentors involved and its credibility, the following

need to be considered:Alyse Pflanz91100000000021584same info as the image comment above


a) Pulse check: Observing duration or frequency is always insufficient to gauge success; it is,

therefore, essential to questioning participants to rate the ease of navigation through the program,

evaluate their comfort with the pace of the program, describe the challenges faced by mentees, and

also to rate the resources available for the program. It is achievable through conducting surveys

depending on the environment of the organization. As these happen mostly throughout mentoring,

qualitative and quantitative information gets captured. It helps understand the issues and aid in

problem-solving and course corrections.

b) The experience of mentors and mentees: it is essential to engross separately with mentees

and mentors to understand the program’s ground success. The understanding creates a safe space where

mentees and mentors can give honest feedback while discussing the concerns (Johnson & Gandhi,

2015). The feedbacks can also provide success stories that can be shared across the organization.Alyse Pflanz91100000000021584You’ll need a conclusion wrapping everything up – also making your recommendations and having a specific call to action for what the next steps are. Should they review this by email and get back to you? set up a meeting to discuss?



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