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  • Chapter 1 – Review the Key Lessons from Chapter 1 – Explain the five key lessons and note the importance of each key lesson from chapter 1.  
  • Also, note why is it important to understand these basic concepts. 
    • The above submission should be one page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.**Remember the page length does not include the APA cover page or any references**Note the first assignment should be in one section and the second section should have the information from the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.  The paper requirements for the two-pages applies to the second part of the assignment directly related to the  Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.

School of Computer & Information Sciences ITS-631 Operational Excellence Chapter 1 – Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

Learning Objectives

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define what an information system is by identifying its major components;

describe the basic history of information systems; and

describe the basic argument behind the article “Does IT Matter?” by Nicholas Carr.

Information Systems Constantly Changing

IS Systems change daily

Electronic components also change constantly



Personal computers

Defining Information Systems

A set of related components that collect, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization.

Combine hardware, software, and networks to collect, create, and distribute data (used typically in an organization).

Components of Information Systems





Networking Communication



The Role of Information Systems

Based on Era

The Main Frame Era

The PC Revolution

Client Server

The Internet, World Wide Web and E-Commerce

Web 2.0

The Post-PC World

Information Systems and Competitive Advantage

Implementation of IS can bring a competitive advantage



Nicholas Carr “I.T. Doesn’t Matter”

IT is as common as electricity

Something to be managed to reduce costs

Read Sidebar: Walmart Uses Information Systems to Becomethe World’s Leading Retailer


Bourgeous, D., Smith, J., Wang. S., Mortati, J. (2019). Information Systems for Business and Beyond. Retrieved from https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/.

School of Computer & Information Sciences ITS-631- Operational Excellence Chapter 1 – Information Technology and Organizational Learning


The book reviews from a personal perspective the explanation of IT, organizational learning, and the practical relationship between IT and organizational learning.

Utilizes the Ravell Corporation examples throughout the book

A New Approach

Fix the Problem

Gather Information

Single loop and double-loop learning

The Blueprint for Integration – day-to-day operations

Enlisting Support

Assessing Progress

Resistance in the Ranks and Line Management

Resistance in the Ranks

Political behavior can be detrimental to organizational learning effort

Line Management to the Rescue

Critical for success in transformational situations

IT Begins to reflect

Defining an Identity for IT

Who we are and what is our purpose

Implementing the Integration: A Move toward Trust and Reflection

Through credibility

Key Lessons

Defining Reflection and Learning for an Organization

Working toward a Clear Goal

Commitment to Quality

Teaching Staff “Not to Know”

Transformation of Culture

Alignment with Administrative Departments

Vitally important to integrate IT with various departments to increase adoption of organizational learning


Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning. 3rd edition. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISBN: 978-1-138-23858-9

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