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Essay 3

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Essay 3 – Compare And Contrast Essay
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Choose one of the prompts to answer for essay 3

For the sources you will need access to the Rothrock Library

“Neat People vs. Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt (238-240):

1. Like Britt, people often classify others into two related (and seemingly opposite) types based on their habits or personalities. Compare and contrast two types of personalities you have noticed, perhaps using humor like Britt does.

2. Compare and contrast two types of players in a sport or game such as basketball, tennis, poker, chess, video gaming, or another sport or game that interests you.

3. Throughout life, we experience changes; sometimes, these changes have a strong impact on us. Compare and contrast what your life was like before and after an important experience. Consider focusing on your life before and after starting college, before and after moving into your own apartment or house, before and after getting a job, before and after marriage, or before and after another important experience in your life.

“Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee (242-245):

1. Mukherjee writes about the differences between her view of being an American and her sister’s view. Even siblings or other types of relatives often have very different ways of connecting to their cultural backgrounds. Compare and contrast your own way of identifying with your cultural background and the way one of your family members connects to your shared background.

2. While Mukherjee focuses on cultural identity and family, people of different generations also see things differently at times. Write a compare and contrast essay about an attitude or approach to life that you think is different for people who are older than you or younger than you. In other words, compare the attitude of your generation with another generation’s attitude toward one or more key parts of life, like work, religion, education, sports, technology, relationships, or another part of life that interests you.

“The Truth About Lying” by Judith Viorst (273-277):

1. Viorst suggests that lying, which some people see as wrong, is actually a form of communication that can help people avoid or resolve conflict. Compare and contrast two methods of conflict resolution that you have learned, used, or experienced. Consider focusing on conflict resolution methods such as confronting versus retreating, aggression versus passivity, or denial versus assertiveness.

2. Viorst implies some similarities and differences between the types of lies we use to communicate, but there are many types and methods of communication that we use for a variety of reasons. Compare and contrast two methods of communication like texting versus talking or meeting online versus meeting face to face.

Requirements – Essay 3 must:

· be typed using Microsoft Word

· use MLA format in the header, heading, font, and spacing

· contain 1,000 words

· be nonfictional

· possess an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement at the end

· provide ample examples/illustrations throughout the body of the essay that support the comparison and contrast in the thesis statement

· use a variety of comparison and contrast transitions to move smoothly from one point to another

· be organized according to a “point by point” or “block” pattern of development

· include two direct quotations and four paraphrases from three database sources; these quotations and paraphrases must be introduced, connected to your own ideas, and cited in MLA format; Essay 3 does not require the use of a textbook essay

· possess a conclusion paragraph that restates the thesis statement in different words

· include a Works Cited page in MLA format

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