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I need someone to respond to the peer discussion post 100 words each. There should be 2 responses.


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ORG 6499 Week 5 DQ Peer Responses Needed
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Find two examples of when communication was used to bridge two socio-cultural groups, and one example of divisive communication. You may use examples from public media (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.), but use at least one personal example. For each example, describe the context, the content, and the result of the communication. Your discussion post should be at least three paragraphs long (300 words).

Post your discussion by Day 3 of the week. Before beginning, carefully review the Writing Center’s guide  Writing a Discussion Board Post. (Links to an external site.)

Initial Post Checklist: 

· Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?

· Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?

· Did you use APA?

Respond to two of your classmates’ initial posts throughout the week. Each of your responses should be at least 100 words long. Both your initial post and your responses should refer both to your own experience and to content from readings, media, or websites.

Responses Checklist:

· Did you respond to two or more classmates throughout the week?

· Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?

· Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?

· Did you use APA?

Repond to Kathryn Fleming post

It was years ago so the details are a little fuzzy, but I (a White woman) was getting my hair trimmed by a Black woman.  I asked her why it seems that Black women have a difficult time growing their hair out.  She was happy to explain it to me; happy as though no one ever bothered asking her a question so closely related to her occupation and her race.  She talked about wigs, weaves and how little girls have their hair braided.  I took her enthusiasm as an unspoken invitation to ask another race-related question- is it true that Black women are more likely to have twins than White women?  It was at that point I realized it was okay to ask people questions about themselves and their culture.  As Kahn (2015) states in 9.6, learning about others and their cultures and societies can allow us to be more transparent with others.  That first encounter with my Black hairdresser opened a door for me to feel comfortable conversing with other Black hair- dressers about hair differences, Black retail associates about body image and fashion, and my daughter’s Black ex-boyfriend about him only listening to rap and hip hop. (Then we introduced him to Bohemian Rhapsody.)  

Steve Hartman, a reporter with CBS News did a story about a Starbuck’s barista who learned sign language so she could communicate with a deaf customer.  When the deaf man entered the coffee shop the barista handed him a note that read, “I’ve been learning ASL just so you can have the same experience as every one [sic] else.”  After waiting on this customer only once, she decided to bridge the cultural gap between the hearing and the deaf and learn sign language.  When Hartman asked the barista why she decided to learn ASL she responded, “If he’s a regular, and I want to make that connection with my regulars, I should be able to at least ask him what he wants to drink.” (Hartman, 2016).

There are numerous examples of divisive language in the news and on social media.  However, one form of divisive language and communication that is a barrier to the bridge between socio-cultures occurs when I get my nails done.  What are those nail techs talking about in their native, usually Vietnamese, tongue?  Are they commenting on my corns and bunions, or gossiping about a family member? Language has power to project our attitude about a subject, and to offend others whether intentional or unintentional (Kahn, 2015).  When someone is unable to understand a foreign language there is a lot of room for assumptions.

Kahn, A. (2015). The ecology of diversity. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

Hatrman, S. (May 8, 2016). On the Road. Barista learns sign language for customer. CBS News. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/barista-learns-sign-language-for-customer-1/

Respond to Angel Robles post

The Obama administration bridged the male/female only sexual orientation with all sexual orientations.  A monumental difference was how the nation then the world perceived the LGBTQ community.  The administration supported the belief that all people should be protected and have fundamental rights as humans.  There were new laws passed to protect these individuals from hate crimes and to stop bullying.  For the first time in LGBTQ history, they had the right to marry, enforced discrimination laws, and protection. They had the basic rights to receive resources that included housing, using bathrooms of their choice, serving openly in the military, and helping bring people out of the proverbial closet. Representation in movies, commercials, and sitcoms, in the workplace, social media, media coverage, parades, and overall acceptance of their culture and community became the norm instead of a hidden secret.  Finally, the LGTBQ community was living life as we all have the right to live (Cole, 2017). 

Boston (2018) discusses the divisive Trump administration and how it halted the forward progression of the LGBTQ Movement.  Laws were amended that once offered protection and basic rights.  It was beyond an upset for the LGBTQ community.  It was another way to stigmatize and demoralize an entire group of people based solely on their sexual orientation.  It was heartbreaking as family, friends and the nation’s LGBTQ community went from freedom of choice and acceptance to being ostracized privately, socially, publicly and became victims of hate crimes and even murder.

Personally, my most recent experiences are with my husband who is bilingual. He speaks and writes fluent Spanish and English.  He is outgoing and talkative when speaking in his native language.  He sometimes will not participate in a conversation due to his accent.  He has been made fun of and ridiculed at work and in the community.  He felt self-conscious and usually kept quiet.  My mom and I shared with him that he should be proud of his accent and his English. When confronted he should ask them to speak in Spanish as he has no problem conversing in both languages.  This perspective gave him confidence and became a way of breaking the ice with his coworkers.  He is able to joke about it and now will converse in Spanish with his coworkers and teach them sayings and words.


Boston, R. (2018, December 1). Reversal of Fortune: LGBTQ Rights In America Were On The Upswing–And Then Donald Trump Got Elected President. Church & State71(11), 10.

Cole, D. (2017). Obama’s Civil-Rights Legacy—and Ours. Nation304(1), 34–39.

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