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The sources you identified through the Annotated Bibliography in Week Two will be used to build the literature review this week and to further to support the Final Project in Week Six. The sources should support the following:

  • Provide a concise description of how each source contributes to the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current evidentiary issues.
  • Evaluate the scientific techniques used in processing evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murder case.
  • Examine the ethical issues and articulates significance on the admissibility of forensic evidence, particularly trace evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders case in subsequent legal proceedings.
  • Compare and contrast evidence collection and processing methods at the time of the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current collection and processing methods.

The Literature Review must include the following elements

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  • Use the 10 sources identified in your Annotated Bibliography from Week Two, in addition to the course text and other required sources.
  • Due to the nature of the assignments, your original search may include reliable sources, including reliable media, to enable you to identify areas for further scholarly research. For example, numerous media publications, including The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, reported that Texas mother Andrea Yates was reportedly suffering from postpartum psychosis when she drowned her five children. The scholarly source would then focus on the postpartum psychosis diagnosis.

The Literature Review

  • Must be a minimum of 1500 words

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