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Natural Disasters ENVS 103 01 W and 04 W (online)

Written Report. Due on Friday, April 23rd

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Written Report
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NOTE: Add this Written Report to the Quiz #10 Grade

(Report is worth 5% + Q 10 is worth 5% of your Total Average.)

Guidelines for the Written Report on a Treatment Technology

This is a “review” type of paper. That means, the student will review and write (with your own words, please) about 2 to 5 previous research done on 1 (one) of the following contaminants:

(a) Arsenic contamination in water, after an earthquake


(b) Fungus growth on crops, after a flood


(c) Disposing Metal-contaminated sludge from waste treatment, after an earthquake


(c) Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in water treatment, after a storm

NOTE: The student will choose ONLY 1 (one) among these 4 (four) topics

Structure of the Written Report:

1: Title (20%)

2: Abstract (20%)

3: Introduction (20%)

4: Types of treatment (20%)

5: References (20%)

Guidelines for the Written Report on Treatment Technology

· This paper may be written by one student or by a team of 2, 3 or 4 students.

· In this 100-300-word summary of three scientific papers, you should address the use and the significance of this treatment technology.

· Your description should include, but not be limited to the following:

i. The treatment;

ii. If this treatment technology is common;

iii. Methods used to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of any chemicals;

iv. Explain how one technique may reduce the harmful effects, citing specific examples.

· You should conclude the paper by addressing any questions left unanswered and what you think would be the next best experiment to do to address these questions.

· Please include a bibliography of those papers cited in this paper.

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