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This is a research paper. I selected the topic “How do American Politics react to Illegal Immigration?”

I am attaching a file with the Outline and a little description of my topic. The research paper must follow the points of the attached outline, also containing the thesis and the description of my topic.

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Term Paper “How Do American Politics React To Illegal Immigration?”
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 (7-9 page double-spaced) page paper. Papers will be based on a major policy issue of your choice relating to American politics. Sources for your paper are to be properly cited using the style of your choice. This component will be 20% of your final grade.

Luciana Beltran Justiniano

Term Paper Proposal

Dan Cicenia

3 March 2021

How do American Politics react to Illegal Immigration?


For this term paper, my main topic is the handling of immigration by the American government. It is known that America is a country positively affected by immigration. Whether good or bad, this is a topic that citizens and politicians widely discuss. This brings us to the question, is the American government properly handling the country’s immigration problems to maintain the U.S. in order?

Immigration is separated from illegal and legal citizens. Their processes of handling are entirely different. Nevertheless, the point that bothers the government or politics is the illegal citizens and their effect on their development. Since the country does not have data from these citizens, they are considered disturbing to the country’s economies. Illegal Immigrants do not pay taxes, and they work and receive from the country’s resources. For those reasons, unlawful immigration in the US may be a highly relevant issue to analyze.

Since it is such a deliciated process, I decided to analyze how American politics react to illegal immigration. What parts of the government act when there is an issue with this topic? Does unlawful immigration have an actual harmful effect on the order of the country? With this investigation, I also intend to see if the American government is handling well this recurrent problem and see how they do it and finally understand the pros and cons of their process.

Term Paper proposal Outline.

Handling of Immigration by The American Government


1. Explaining some points of the United States’ status in the U.S. (What is the US currently doing to handle it?

2. Thesis

i. Does the American government well handle the undocumented immigration process to maintain everything in order?

2. Body

1. Some Immigration History

2. Undocumented immigrants

i. How many of them are?

ii. What benefits they have?

iii. What they can or cannot do

3. Deportation

i. Its process

ii. Numbers of deported immigrants.

4. Immigration Handling by the Government

i. Pros and Cons

ii. Is it working?


iii. American political methods are working to deal with this issue?

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