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Term Paper

1. Your paper must be typed using a 12 point font with 1” margins all around.

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2. Your paper must be four full pages of text in APA style.

3. Title Page: On the front cover put your name and the name of the class. This page is not numbered.

4. Number each question you are responding to.

5. Your responses should be in short answer essay form.

6. Include a reference page at the end of your paper


1. Pick an emotion that you frequently feel and experience. How does it effect you:

A. Physiologically – What happens to your body when you experience this emotion? Give examples.

B. Cognitively – How does the emotion affect your thinking processes? Give examples.

C. Behaviorally – How does the emotion affect your behavior? Does your behavior change when you experience this emotion? If yes, how so? Give examples.

2. Select one research study on the above mentioned emotion and review it. Include the following:

I. What is the specific Purpose of the current study (i.e., how does it contribute to an understanding of the phenomena being investigated)? What are the specific Hypotheses that are tested in the study? What Variables are being investigated and how are they Operationalized?

II. Describe the Methods used in each study, including:

a. Participants . Provide the number, type, mean age, sex breakdown, and any specific or unusual characteristics.

b. Measures/Materials/Apparatus . Provide descriptions of operationalized variables (i.e., what are the measures or procedures used to define the variables of interest).

c. Procedure . Provide specific descriptions of procedures followed in data collection, including random assignment of participants, research protocols, etc.

III. Describe the Results of the study, specifically if hypotheses were confirmed or disconfirmed. What general conclusions are drawn by the researchers? Describe how the current results fit or do not fit with the findings of previous research. Do the current results add anything unique or important to understanding of the phenomena in question? [please note you do not have to report results of statistical tests; describe main results in words]

3. What is one event that occurred in your past that made you experience at least two different emotions?

A. Describe the event – What emotions did you experience? How old were you? Who was involved? What happened?

B. How did this emotional event affect you? Did you implode, explode both or something else?

C. Describe two things you can do in the future to better manage these emotions.

4. List and discuss three ways that you can self-actualize.

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