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Using the templates below,  complete the Section 1-3 of the attached Project Management Plan (PMP) Template and Stakeholder Register. Embed and submit Stakeholder Register in section 3 of the PMP template. Please review the rubric before getting started. 

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Stakeholder Analysis

Prepared By: [Enter Your Name Here]
Stakeholder Name or Stakeholder GroupStakeholder’s Title or PositionStakeholder’s Contact InformationInternal or External to OrganizationStakeholder’s Major Project Role(s)Stakeholder / Motivations / Expectations (What are the Key Factors each will use to Measure Overall Project Success?) Consider Scope, Quality, Schedule, Budget, Risk, Customer Satisfaction, ROI, etc.Significance of Stakeholder ContributionPower to possibly Impede or Advance the ProjectInterest / Concern over Project OutcomesEngagement / Commitment / SupportStakeholder Management Strategy
* Leading -Committed to make it happen * Supportive – Willing to help it happen * Neutral – OK with letting it happen * Resistant -May discourage it from happening * Disagrees – Will strive to stop it from happening * Unaware of the project or it’s potential impact
* Critical * Desirable * Non-essential (but can contribute)* High * Moderate * Low* High * Moderate * LowCurrentDesired/Target



<Project Name>

<Course Number and Name>

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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Purpose 1 1.3 Scope 1 2. Project Overview 2 2.1 Project Description 2 2.2 Problem Statement 2 2.3 Goals 2 2.4 Project Background 2 2.5 Product Objectives 2 2.6 Assumptions, Constraints and Dependencies 2 2.7 Project Deliverables 2 2.8 Schedule and Budget Summary 2 2.9 Project Success Criteria 2 2.10 Definition and Acronyms 2 3. Stakeholder Management 3 4. Schedule Management 4 4.1 Overview and Purpose 4 4.2 Schedule baseline 4 4.3 Schedule Control 4 5. Resource Management 6 5.1 Overview and Purpose 6 5.2 Resourcing Strategy & Assumption 6 5.3 Resourcing Development 6 6. Risk Management Plan 7 6.1 Overview of Risk Management Plan 7 6.2 Risk Identification 7 6.3 Risk Analysis 7 6.4 Risk Response 7 6.5 Risk Monitoring Plan 7 7. Communication Management 8 7.1 Overview and Purpose 8 7.2 Communication Message and Delivery (Matrix) 8 7.3 Communications Guidelines 8 7.4 Escalation Process 9 8. Procurement 10 9. Cost Management 11 9.1 Introduction 11 9.2 Estimate Cost 11 9.3 Contingency Reserve 11 9.4 Budget 11 9.5 Performance Monitoring 11 9.6 Project Reports 12 9.7 Cost Change Control 12 9.8 Microsoft Project Reports 12 9.8.1 Project Budget 12 9.8.2 Cost Report 12 10. Integrated Change Control 13 10.1 Change Control Process Narrative 13 10.2 Project Change Control Process 13 10.3 Project Change Control Flowchart 13 10.4 Project Change Control Form 13 10.5 Change Control – Microsoft Project Reports 13

PMGT 699 PMP Template 20v2.docx

PMGT 699 PMP Template 20v2.docx Page 13

Executive Summary


[Guidance: After project introduction, insert a paragraph here. Include your project summary in two to three sentences that clearly states what is the outcome of the project (product deliverables), how long will it take (project duration with start and end dates) and how much it will cost (project budget). This data should match with your final project schedule in Microsoft Project (mpp file).]



Project Overview

This section of the Project Management Plan provides an overview of the purpose, scope and objectives of the project for which the Plan has been written, the project assumptions and constraints, a list of project deliverables, a summary of the project schedule and budget, and the plan for evolving the Project Management Plan.

Project Description

Problem Statement


Project Background

Product Objectives

Assumptions, Constraints and Dependencies

Project Deliverables

Schedule and Budget Summary

Project Success Criteria

Definition and Acronyms

This section provides a glossary of all terms and abbreviations used in the plan.

Stakeholder Management

[Note: Embed stakeholder register here as file attachment. Also, submit it with Module’s submission in Canvas.]

Schedule Management

Overview and Purpose

Schedule baseline

Creation of the Activity List and attributesDescribe how project activities and activity attributes will be defined and who will be involved in this process. For longer projects, consider using rolling wave planning where activities in the near future are planned in detail while other later activities can be at a higher level. Consider the activity list from previous similar projects.
Estimation of activity resourcesDescribe how the needed quantities of human resources and equipment to complete identified activities will be estimated. Document the needed level of accuracy for the estimates and units of measure. Consider company’s procedures, policies and resource calendars.
Activity duration estimatesDescribe how the activity duration estimates will be developed and the estimating method (analogous, parametric, three-point, bottom-up). Document the needed level of accuracy for the estimates.
Approval of the schedule baselineWho will approve the schedule baseline?

Schedule Control

The approved schedule baseline will be changed only through the formal change control process and only after the impact on the project constrains has been assessed.

Performance reviewsPlease describe the frequency of the schedule performance reviews. Describe how the schedule performance will be reviewed (e.g., earned value management, actual vs. planned dates, percentage completed, etc.). Document who will be involved in the schedule performance review.
Schedule control thresholdsSpecify any acceptable variation from the schedule before the corrective measures are needed (e.g., increase in duration of the activity/work package by 15%).
Schedule performance reportingDescribe how the schedule performance will be reported and the frequency of reporting.

Resource Management

Overview and Purpose

Resourcing Strategy & Assumption

[Define the resourcing strategy for the project. How will resources be acquired and released from the project?]

Resourcing Development

[When estimating the resources on the project, have you made any assumptions about those estimates?]

Risk Management Plan

Overview of Risk Management Plan

Risk Identification

Risk Analysis

Risk Response

Risk Monitoring Plan

Communication Management

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of the communication plan is to ensure the Project Management Improvement Project provides relevant, accurate, and consistent project information to project stakeholders and other appropriate audiences. By effectively communicating the project can accomplish its work with the support and cooperation of each stakeholder group.

The communication plan provides a framework to manage and coordinate the wide variety of communications that take place during the project. The communication plan covers who will receive the communications, how the communications will be delivered, what information will be communicated, who communicates, and the frequency of the communications.

The following outlines the targeted audiences, the key communication messages to be delivered, and the method for delivering the information, the communicator, and the frequency of the delivery.

Communication Message and Delivery (Matrix)

[Attach your Communication Plan using the template provided. Embed the file here and attach it with your submission.]

Communications Guidelines

Communication Guidelines—E-mail, Text:1) Do not use reply all to emails2)3)4)5)6)
Communication Guidelines—Meetings:1) Meetings must have pre-published agendas, prior to meeting request…agenda must accompany the OUTLOOK meeting request2)3)4)5)6)

Escalation Process


Cost Management


[The purpose of this document is to provide general content of a Cost Management Plan and to describe submission required in Microsoft Project format (.mpp file).]

Cost Management Plan

[A cost management Plan defines cost baseline, modifies it whenever necessary, and uses it for monitoring and controlling cost. A project cost management plan generally includes descriptions, procedures and responsibilities for items such as Costs included, activity resource estimating, cost estimating, cost baseline, budget determination and cost control.]

Estimate Cost

[Estimate Cost is a process of developing an approximation of monetary resources needed to complete project activities.]

Contingency Reserve

[Contingency reserve is money assigned to the project and allocated for identified risks for which contingent responses are developed. Generally, how much money is reserved and its rationale are included here.]


[Once the project costs or cost baseline is determined, a time-phased project budget is developed. Project budget shows how the project cost will be incurred by appropriate periods (months, weeks, quarter, etc.) during project performance period. Describe how your budget is developed.]

Cost Control and Monitoring

[The approved project budget with contingency reserves serves as a baseline for project control. This section usually include project approach to monitor actual versus planned performance, approach ( e.g. Earned Value analysis), and how any cost changes will be managed.]

Performance Monitoring

[Describe your approach to monitor planned versus actual performance and matrices that will be used]

Project Reports

[Include name and description of 2 to 3 reports that you plan to use for performance monitoring, status reporting or other reports. These are the reports for which you will be submitting a Microsoft Project mpp file. See section below. ]

Cost Change Control

[Describe briefly how any changes to the cost baseline will be administered and implemented.]

Microsoft Project Deliverables

Microsoft Project Reports

Project Budget

[Include your project WBS (in .mpp format) that represents your project cost. Ensure that contingency reserves as a separate line item. The report submission is in Canvas.]

Cost Report

You need to submit two reports from MS Project in a pdf format. Include report name and describe how the report will be used here.]

Integrated Change Control

Change Control Process Narrative

Project Change Control Process

Project Change Control Flowchart

Project Change Control Form

Change Control – Microsoft Project Reports

[Attach your final mpp file with revised schedule and cost as a result of a change request. Do not forget to baseline your project before processing change request. Your report(s) should show change in cost and schedule. Include cost report showing baseline and revised cost.]

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