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 Create a project and name the source file final followed by your initials


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Programming Final
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Write a program that does the following functions

void displayMenu()to print the menu 

 1 to add two items

2 to subtract two numbers

3 to multiple two numbers

4 to divide two numbers

5 to get average of 5 numbers

6 to format a phone number

X to exit 

 Gets a menu selection that does the following

Char getSelection(); 

 Uses a do while loop and switch to get and validate the selection

Prints and error message is user inputs a wrong selection

Make sure to use toupper() 

 Use switch


 Int getPosNumber(); 

 Used to get a positive number

The number should be input using getline string and coverted to an integer  

 using stoi 

 Use getPosNumber()to get all number 

 int sum();

int difference();

int product(); 

 double quotient();

double average(); 

 string getPhoneNumber()

gets a 10 digit phonenumber using getline 

 string formatPhone()

formats the 10 digit string to (xxx)-xxx-xxx 

 use string insert to format 

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