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KSR 2761

Case Study

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30 points

The Case Study will provide you with the opportunity to research a current professional in

the sport industry. The purpose of this project is to educate you on the professional life

and responsibilities and steps it took this individual to move up the ladder in the sport


What is Research?

Research is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information (data) in order

to increase our understanding of the subject matter about which we are concerned or


The Case Study requires that you do the following:

1. Choose an individual who has obtained the level of success you dream of achieving in the sport industry.

2. Research the individual’s educational background, work history, achievements, failures, and any other information that will assist you in understanding why and how he/she has been able to reach the level of success that he/she has in their lifetime.

3. Complete a write-up on your chosen professional. Your paper should contain, at

minimum, the following information:  Introduction of the professional (job title, company name, etc.)  Biographical information (birth date, birthplace, etc.)  Your person’s family and educational background  Why you chose this individual  Information you learned about your person  Challenges that your person encountered in his/her life  Contribution(s) your person made to society and/or how they improved the

industry  What you found most interesting about your person  What questions you would ask him/her if you had a chance to interview them

4. Format paper using APA guidelines: double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1”

margins, all font is black in color, all extra spacing is removed, references and in-text citation (see APA formatting sheets in Case Study folder on D2L for more details) – You do NOT need a cover page or heading.

a. Length of paper – 750+ words

Grading Rubric can be found on the following page:

Case Study Rubric

Name: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Topic: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Excellent Satisfactory Needs Improvement

Shows evidence

of thorough


Evidence of using

multiple sources

including Internet

Evidence of at two

appropriate resources

Little evidence of using multiple

appropriate resources or only

using inappropriate resources


important facts,

events, and

contributions in a

person’s life in a

manner that



Includes significant

facts, events, and

contributions from all

stages of life in a lively

manner using specific


Includes some important

facts, events, and

contributions, but omits

others; Information is

explained clearly but my

lack energy or rely on

general or overused


Events and facts included are not

significant in the person’s life;

Does not feature major

contributions; information is

presented in mundane manner

with poor word choice

Offers insights

into the person’s

character traits

and feelings

using specific


Paints a vivid portrait

using anecdotes and

quotes to show traits

and feelings

Accurately depicts the

person by including details,

but tells more than shows

traits and feelings

Does not seem to understand

attributes that contributed to

person’s success; Information is

too general with few specific



information well




There is a good order to

the information;

Evidence of paragraphs

and topic sent

ences; Attention-getting

introduction and a

memorable conclusion

Information is generally

organized in a logical

manner, though paragraphs

could be structured more

clearly with topic sentences;

Includes information and

conclusion, though they

may not be memorable

Information appears disjointed

with no particular order and little

evidence of paragraphs; No real

introduction or conclusion


attention to

writing and



Few or no errors in

spelling, usage, and

punctuation; writing

flows well with good

sentence structure and

sentences that begin in

different ways and are

different lengths

Some errors in spelling,

usage, and punctuation, but

errors don’t generally

disrupt meaning; Sentences

are mostly well structured,

but lack variety in style

Many errors in spelling, usage,

and punctuation distract from the

content of the biography; Often

leaves words out of sentences,

writes run-ons or fragments; no

sentence variety.

Utilizes APA

formatting rules

and meets paper



Uses correct citation

format to document

references and source;

Follows all formatting

guideline; Meets or

exceeds 750+ words


Sometimes uses correct

citation format to document

references and sources;

Follows most of the

formatting guidelines;

Meets 750+ words


Uses incorrect or no citation

format to document references

and sources; Does not follow

formatting guidelines; Does not

meet 750+ words requirement

Total Points = 30

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