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Discuss families as agents of socialization


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Families as Agents of Socialization

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Socialization is a practice that enables individuals to learn more about their customs, beliefs and their ways of life. Socialization is a major process that makes people aware of society and usually helps them to conduct themselves as required by society norms. (Batistic. 2018). This helps society to function accordingly and more desirably. There are various counterparts in the society that helps in fostering socialization in the society. They include, teachers, the leaders of religions, and the family members, that is the parents. The essay below will discuss families as an agent of socialization and their importance.

Families are termed to be important in the socialization process because it is where an individual gets the basics of normal life. Families help children and nurture them through the current ways of life in society. (Ibanez-Cubillas et al. 2017). Parents ensure that they bring up their children well by guiding them through the norms, beliefs, and customs of their society. It is through family relations that an individual learns how to communicate in either way verbal or non-verbal. Families are particularly essential agents of socialization because they promote oneself and equip them with the ability to interact with others freely and deal with situations accordingly.

However, it will depend on how different families deal with situations. The reason is that children will learn by observing their families. Families help children gain stability and make them strong to cope up with the upcoming events in society. It is through family relations that an individual will be able to socialize with the other members of society. Families also help individuals to have good morals from their childhood thus creating strong roots in their lives about socialization. The children are usually guided on issues to deal with their emotions and how to express themselves which is essential in socialization.


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