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find ethical issues in working standard and condition project in the US,EU and Asia 

Ethical Issue in Working Standard and Condition

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Ethical Issue In Working Standard And Condition
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an ethical dilemma, to identify the people affected by this ethical issue, to consider different ways to deal with the ethical problem and finally, to choose a plan for addressing the problem. There are a variety of ethical dilemmas in international business that could serve as the basis

What are ethical issues In Working standard and condition in the US, EU and Asia and how is Working standard and condition different before and during the Covid-19?

Find the ethical issues about these things before and during the Covid-19 in the US, EU and Asia.

· Outsourcing labor

· Labor cost

· Condition when they are hired

· Working policies (focus on this one)

· Discrimination and harassment


Criteria(4) Exceeds Expectations(3) Meets Expectations(2) Approaches Expectations(1) Does Not Meet Expectations
Identifies EthicalDilemmaClearly and objectively details the circumstances that created the ethical problem; identifies the central ethical dilemma and its importance.Provides an adequate explanation of the circumstances that created the ethical problem; identifies the central ethical dilemma.Leaves out some important details when explaining the circumstances that led to the ethical problem; describes the central ethical dilemma in vague terms.Fails to explain the factors that led to the ethical problem and misinterprets the core ethical dilemma.
Considers StakeholdersIdentifies and prioritizes the interests of all relevant stakeholders.Identifies the interests of most of the relevant stakeholders.Identifies and prioritizes the interests of a few relevant stakeholders.Fails to identify any of the relevant stakeholders or interests.
Analyzes Ethical AlternativesIdentifies a number of alternatives and predicts their associated consequences in detail.Identifies at least two alternatives and predicts their associated consequences in detail.Identifies only one ethical approach to the ethical dilemma and its associated consequence.Fails to provide adequate explanation of an ethical approach to the issue.
Chooses an Action and Articulates a Plan of ImplementationChooses an action that creatively addresses the ethical problem and articulates a skillful plan for implementing it.Chooses an appropriate action for addressing the ethical problem and articulates a practical plan for implementing it.Chooses an action that does not directly address the ethical problem and articulates an impractical plan for implementing it.Does not identify and/or explain appropriate decision for a course of action.
Writing Rubric
Proficiency Category4 Exceeds Expectations3 Meets Expectations2 Approaches Expectations1 Does Not Meet Expectations
Content / InformationPurposeScore:Writing exemplifies the assignment purpose. Content is fully developed and explored beyond expectationsWriting meets the assignment purpose, and content is accurate and thoroughly exploredWriting does not entirely meet the assignment purpose and/or content is not fully explored.Writing does not meet assignment purpose and/or content is rudimentarily explored.
Organization & StructureScore:Writing organization heightens text clarity. All paragraphs are cohesive. Transitions exhibit variety and clearly signpost shifts.Writing has clear organization. Paragraphs mostly cohesive. Easily followed transitions.Writing is mostly organized but has some disorganized paragraphs or sections. May be lacking transitions in places.Writing is mostly disorganized and difficult to follow. Some good transitions, but they are mostly lacking.
Development/ SupportScore:Idea and paragraph development exceed expectations. Arguments are supported in multiple ways with scholarly sources.Ideas and paragraphs are well-developed and supported with evidence.Ideas and/or paragraphs are a bit underdeveloped or lack support or evidence in palacesIdeas and/or paragraphs are underdeveloped and lack support.
Syntax/Sources &FormattingScore:Wide variety of sentence types and identifiable writing style. Scholarly sources cited in APA. Formatting is perfect or near-perfect.Sentence construction is accurate. All sources are documented correctly in APA. Formatting is appropriate.Sentences may be basic. Some sources not cited/cited incorrectly. Some formatting issues.Some sentences unclear/unconnected. Sources not cited. Confusing formatting choices.
Vocabulary, Grammar and MechanicsScore:Industry standard vocabulary/language. No errors in grammar and mechanics.Uses appropriate vocabulary specific to the subject area. Language conveys meaning. Few errors.Some inaccurate vocabulary or language errors. Some grammar/mechanics errorsBasic vocabulary. Many errors with grammar and mechanics.

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