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A picture containing text, person  Description automatically generated

Image courtesy of: Bank of America advertisement

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Analysis Of Perceptual Visual Elements
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A person riding a motorcycle  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Image courtesy of: Harley Davidson® advertisement

A child on a magazine cover  Description automatically generated

Image courtesy of: Parents magazine June 2011

A picture containing text, person, person, female  Description automatically generated

Image courtesy of: Nike® 2013 advertisement

Choose one of the four following visuals:

In a 2-3-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication:

APA_Paper_Template_07232019 (2).docx

1. Analyze how specific semiotic visuals in your chosen image affect different cultural perceptions (age, ethnicity, social group, etc.).

2. Describe how each culture’s cognitive memories and experiences may affect how they perceive this image.

3. Explain why cultural perception is important to consider when working with international or global cultures.

4. Discuss why it is important to consider cultural perception when interacting with different age cultures and different social groupings.

Support the items above by including relevant quotes and paraphrases from academic/scholarly sources.

Semiotics is the study of how we give meaning to words and signs. Semiotics developed from linguist studies of words and syntax that we use in writing and speaking. The two prominent theorists are Charles Sanders Pierce and Ferdinand de Saussure. Later theorists were Roland Barthes and Arthur Asa Berger. These theorists helped us understand the importance of visual signs.

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