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Review EA’s Proxy Statement linked below, with particular emphasis on the proposal for executive compensation and levels of compensation:


Review the most current analysis of Say on Pay and proxy votes from Semler Brossy: https://www.semlerbrossy.com/wp-content/uploads/SBCG-2020-SOP-Report-2020-09-24.pdf

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Look up and summarize what is “Say on Pay” (the legal concept NOT what Finance Bro/Brodette tells you) and why was the action taken by EA’s Shareholders so uncommon?  In your reasoned NON-LEGAL OPINION: What are your thoughts on “Say on Pay” in general?  After reviewing the Semler Brossy report, how do you rationally think Covid may or may not impact executive compensation in general?  What about impact via “Say on Pay” measures?

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