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Pages: 3 pages ( 825 words, Double spaced) Subject or discipline: Accounting Title: Case Study Number of sources: 0 Paper instructions: Instructions: *Review the Case Study 13.3: North Side Hospital download – see attached document *Review the Excel workbook tab “M6A2” – completed Cash Budget Form. – see attached document Write a strategic plan for North Side Hospital using all components: Mission Statement Vision Statement Organizational Values (for example, teamwork, compassion, community, etc.) -Goals – create a minimum of 3 goals -Objectives – create a minimum of 2 objectives per goal. Include at least one situational analysis (SWOT) for the objective you believe is your most important objective for the hospital to focus on. -Performance plans for the objectives– create a minimum of 2 action plans for each objective and include the tools you will measure performance for accountability and timeliness of the initiatives. -Include benchmarks for your goals (bullet points are recommended). -Integrate in your plan at least one goal to be used for financial planning projections using the budget sheet. Remember, you must be realistic and work within your cash flow (for example, you may need to collaborate with another organization in the community to share costs, if needed). -Based on what you learned in this assignment, what, in your opinion, would be the main focus for North Side Hospital in a five-year strategic plan? Paper Guidelines: Your paper should be a total of 4 – 5 pages long. Use of headings in your paper is required. You must apply your readings, including the textbook and a minimum of 2 other readings assigned in your syllabus.

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