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Week 3 Discussion #2

1. Access: gov/dosh/citation.html”> https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/citation.html

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There Are A Total Of 5 Discussion Posts. Please Answer Each Posts Questions.
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2. What is the role of Cal-OSHA?

3. Choose a citation from the list.

4. Share your thoughts about the citation that you chose.

Week 3 Discussion #3

Access:  http://enhs.umn.edu/current/6120/brain/prevention.html

1. Read the article.

2. Using the article as an example for the application of the Haddon Matrix,

3. Give an example of type of injury and injury prevention that you can apply the Haddon Matrix.

Week 4 Discussion #1

Access:  https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives/topic/injury-and-violence-prevention/objectives

1. Using the website, pick one of the objectives.

2. Share with the class the goal of your chosen objective.

3. Share your opinion whether there is a chance that the goal will be met?

4. Is the goal too ambitious and why?

Week 4 Disscussion #2

1. In 2017, there had been catastrophic event that happened such as the 7.1 Earthquake in Mexico 2018 and multiple Category 5 Hurricanes by Florida and Puerto Rico and Wild Fires in California. These natural disasters caused injuries and death to the people that lived in the areas affected. The United States deployed federal workers, first responders, public health workers, volunteers, and military personnel to aid the people that were affected.

2. Based on this scenario, what type of injury or harm can affect the responders who are helping and working in the calamity zone?

3. What type of injury prevention program is needed to protect these workers?

Week 4 Discussion #3

1. Share an interesting information that you have learned in class related to injury prevention.

2. Why is that information interesting and useful to you?

3. How can you use that information in your life or future career plans?

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