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need help on International Logistics week 6 discussion

Unit 6: Discussion (Chapter 10)

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Need Help On International Logistics Week 6 Discussion
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I am looking for a lively and highly participative discussion of this week’s topics. Outstanding evidence of learning will be demonstrated by answering the questions and fully discussing, challenging, and enhancing the discussion by your fellow students. 

Each student should answer two questions individually and post two peer reviews of another students’ comments. Remember to begin your peer posts with “Peer Review of:” (you will not receive credit if your peer reviews are not posted properly).  Your answers need to contain information from both the textbook and from outside sources. This could include Power-Web, a website, or journal articles, etc.  This means you need to cite your source at the end of each discussion question.

Your answers need to contain information from the textbook and/or information from outside the textbook (Internet).  This could include Power-Web, a website, or journal articles, etc. This means you need to cite your sources and that you have provided the reference/s at the end of each discussion question.

Item Possible Points      Description
Two Peer Responses15 Points· Meaningful discussion and information provided· One line or short responses are not acceptable· Posting only a question to a fellow student does not count as a peer review· Responding to the instructor does not constitute a peer review· Peer Post must begin with Peer Review of:
Two Question Answered15 Points· Question is answered thoroughly · One line or brief answers will not be accepted
One source referenced                  10 Points· Reference must be posted at the end of the question· (1) from your text and (1) from an internet source 

Please restate each question, to include number, you are answering at the beginning of the response.  Answer the unanswered questions first, before moving to a new question.  Your answers should be thoughtful and thorough in content.

Chapter 10

1.   List and discuss the risks associated with a failure to use supply chain management software (SCMS)?

2.   Identify the functions and objectives of a specialized international trade system.

3.   What is meant by a “Software-Driven Process?

4.   List the various methods used for data capture.

5.   How can SCMS help packing operations?

6.   How does a SCMS increase a companies competitive advantage?

7.   Discuss how SCMS enables strong supplier relationship.

8.   Explain how computer based programs reduce the need for “paper” documentation.

9.   What is meant by “improved supply chain data visibility”?

10.  How does SCMS lead to enhanced financial practices and cost cutting?

11.  Explain how SCMS increases distribution efficiency.

12.  Do you think a SCMS would be useful managing inventory?

13.  What are the pros & cons of a cloud-based SCMS system?

14.  Discuss how a SCMS can reduce risk and liability.

15.  Do you think a “one-size-fits-all” SCMS system is beneficial for most companies?

16.  What would be your advise prior implementing a SCMS system?

17.  How does a SCMS enhance partner collaboration?

18.  Should companies rely on standardized (off-the-shelf) SCMS systems?

19.  What are the benefits of a customized SCMS system?

Don’t forget to provide two “peer reviews” each week. Discussion posts are due Friday midnight, Peer reviews are due by Sunday midnight.

If you miss the Friday midnight deadline the highest Discussion grade you can receive for the week is “C”. I encourage you to not wait until the last minute to post so you can interact with your fellow classmates during the week.

NOTE: Post your initial comments to the discussion by clicking on the first “Reply” link below. To give feedback to a classmate’s post, click on the “Reply” link below his/her comment.

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