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Please use your resources link to complete this assignment: https://digital.wwnorton.com/enjmusic13

As you are reading through the book and come across your “Listening Guides” choose a piece of music that strikes you and write a listening log on it.

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Listening Log Book No.1
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Your listening log should consist of 2 paragraphs about your selection. Here are some ideas you will want to discuss:

  • musical era (time period/when composed)
  • composer name
  • tempo (speed)
  • texture (voicing/instrumentation/ensemble)
  • any influences you hear from previous music you learned about/listened to
  • personal opinion of the piece. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Does it remind you of a piece of music you like to listen to? Have you heard it somewhere? A commercial? Sampled in a song?

You may want to use the “what to listen for” section for each piece in the book. This is why you should do this as you go along. 🙂

ATTENTION: You may NOT pick the following pieces as they will be assigned later:

  1. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique
  2. Williams: Imperial March
  3. Video Game Music: Uematsu, “Aerith’s Theme”

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