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You are the director at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in Jacksonville. Recently, a wealthy philanthropist and her husband have donated a sizablesum of money to the museum, making it possible to procure a collection of invaluable pieces of art. The philanthropist has requested that you use her giftin the following ways: First, you must develop a theme around which to organize your exhibit. Second, you must choose SEVEN pieces of art that spanthe Prehistoric era to the Late Middle Age. Here are the parameters for how you must select your artifact:One piece must be a Prehistoric artifact One piece must be an artifact from a River Valley Civilization Two pieces must be artifacts from Greece and RomeOne piece must be an artifact from Post-Roman EuropeOne piece must an artifact from non-European origins, including Islamic, Indian, or Chinese civilizationsOne piece of your own choosing from antiquity or the Middle Ages I recommend the following format for structuring your paper:Introduce the theme of your paper and the artworks you chose. Provide a thesis statement and spend the duration of the paper backing up this thesis withyour seven artworks. Present the cultural background of each artifact and then discuss the artifact itself, including its artistic relevance and how it fitswithin its culture. Conclude by explaining why you grouped these specific artifacts together, how they relate to one another, and why these works bestexpress your theme.

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