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MSB 734 IHRM Posted 4-13-2021 Due 4-20-2021

Assignment #7 – Practical Application Exercise Based on Chapters 6 and 7

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Answer ALL of the following questions directly on this form (Doing so should result in more than one page). Use substantive & cogent responses (complete sentences in paragraph format-no bullet points on itemized lists). Save the Form as a Word doc or PDF and attach it in the “Assignments Due Here” Forum on Blackboard by 11:59 PM on Tuesday 4-20-21. For consideration, you must answer all of the questions including subsets of each question. Failure to answer any of the questions or subset of a question may result in rejection of the entire assignment. You must also clearly identify what you are answering. You must cite your sources (textbook and PPT). Submit your work by the deadline. Unauthorized late submissions and e-mailed versions will not be accepted. Make time for what matters. Thank you.

1. Differentiate between Performance Management, Performance Appraisal, International Performance Management and Multinational Performance Management.

2. a) What are the key issues organizations should address when designing Performance Management Systems for expatriates? b) How can national culture impact performance management systems?

3. Answer Discussion Question #5 located at the end of Chapter 6 of your assigned textbook.

4. a) Identify and briefly describe the five components of effective pre-departure training programs. b) Discuss Tung’s research and how it relates to pre-departure training.

5. Answer Discussion Question #3 located at the end of Chapter 7 of your assigned textbook.

6. a) Define re-entry shock? b) In your own words, summarize “Robin Pascoe’s – What is re-entry shock” conversation. Your summary must include, but must not be limited to, responses to the following: c) What other term did Robin use to describe the term re-entry shock? d) How do people typically feel when they return from an international assignment? Where was Robin previously assigned? E) How long was she away? F) Based on Robin’s assessment, how long does it take to get over re-entry shock?

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