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Field Trip

Assist the cooperating teacher for the age you are observing in planning a field trip. The site you use may be as simple as a walk to a park or to the fire/police station. Other options include: zoo, museum, library, farm, etc.

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Please type the answers to the following questions regarding the field trip:

1. Explain why this site was chosen. Be sure to state what subject or them is covered and provide the MDE CCRS that supports your reason for this rip and what is studied.

2. Describe/explain safety concerns about the chosen field trip site.

3. How does the field trip relate to what the children are currently learning?

4. List and explain your duties involved in planning this field trip (permission slip, contacting bus, etc.).

*Include a sample permission slip that would be given to the parents before the field trip and a brochure of the field trip site.

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