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Interview of a Director or Principal

Depending upon your interest choose (two) a director or principal to interview. Below are the questions that should be answered during the interview. If you have other questions, please incorporate them in the interview. This Assignment is worth 2 Field Observation hours.

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  1. Give a brief description of the person being interviewed. Where does he/she work, what is his/her position, your impression of him/her and anything else that would be relevant for the instructor to get a better picture of the person being interviewed.
  2. Please describe what a typical day is like for the interviewee.
  3. How long has this person been in this position?
  4. Why did this person enter the field of early childhood education?
  5. What are two (2) things the interviewee likes best about their position?
  6. What are two (2) things the interviewee likes least about their position?
  7. What words of advice would he/she be able to give?
  8. Compare and contrast the response provided by both directors’ responses. Provided a thorough analysis of what you identified from the two interviews.

The answers must be typed and turned in to the instructor.

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