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This week, we are focusing on leaders in crisis, and building on the SWOT Analysis you conducted last week. In that task, you selected an organization (AMAZON) that experienced a crisis due to an ethical dilemma and/or bad press around perceived unethical behavior. Now, it is time to share what you learned from your analysis.

Part I: Initial Post

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Provide a brief one to two-paragraph description of the organization (AMAZON) you chose for the SWOT Analysis last week, the crisis, and the catalyst(s) for the crisis. In addition to these descriptions, include the following:

· What were the ethical considerations for the leaders?

· What lessons can leaders in your field learn from what happened with this organization?

Part II: Interact with Classmates

Read your classmates’ posts, and compare your findings and lessons learned with those of at least one classmate in a different field. Consider the following:

· What is similar? Why?

· What is different? Why?

Be sure to monitor your own discussion thread, as well, so you can engage in a conversation with your classmates.

Please refer to the discussion rubric for posting expectations and information on how to maximize your points.

Importance of Social Media to Health Care Communications

Americans have responded to the availability of social media for health information. Millions of people use the Internet to search for health information. They post their pressing questions to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, hoping for answers from friends. Healthcare organizations have joined social media enthusiastically, seeking to recruit new patients, educate and inform, and manage their online reputations (often called reputation management). Federal and state governmental agencies to post “report cards” on their websites on the quality of services provided by health care organizations and use their social media platforms to educate.

As always, let’s start with a reflection question that does not necessitate the readings.

1-How has the vast wealth of information on health care found on the Internet and social media platforms impacted healthcare organizations and those they serve?

Now let’s apply this week’s readings for the remainder of the discussion.

2- Share a recent social media health or public health related campaign that you found interesting or compelling. Share a bit about why you chose this campaign. What did you find effective in this campaign? No campaign is perfect. Did you note any particular challenges with this campaign, and if so, how would you address them? Be sure to share the exact link to the campaign.

3-You came into this course with a goal for this course, which you shared at the beginning of the term. What you have learned in this module help you toward your goal? Use the readings, videos, and resources this week to support your discussions in this area.

Post your primary response. Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.

See the Course Calendar for due dates for posts and responses.


The following materials will outline the structure of a discussion, how to submit and reply to a discussion posting, and how your work will be evaluated using the rubric grading tool. Please review them carefully and post any questions you have in the module Q&A discussion forum. Review the rubric carefully and contact your instructor if anything is unclear to you.

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