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During the course of your employment, you may have experienced working for both a male and female supervisor. Discuss from your personal point of view the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of working for each gender. Use real life experiences if applicable.

write an initial post (200-250 words) and one secondary post (minimum 100 words) (reply to the classmate’s post, file attached)

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Discussion And Response: The Advantages/Disadvantages And Like/Dislike Of Working For Both A Male And Female Supervisor.
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For your initial post, you must have two academic peer-reviewed articles for references.

Discussion must include in-text citations and references in APA style formatting

Due on 21 April 2021 by 3:00 PM EDT

by Khushbu Desai

The purpose, design, approach to rag attention on gender structure theory that has a velocity of status characteristics of different gender advantages and disadvantages. I have observed over the years that the male peer rate is much higher than female managers where female associate/manager do not disfavor between genders in their performance evaluations. Also, I have worked under both male and female supervisors and leadership. I found my female manager very friendly, compassionate, efficient communicator, and better in negotiation with effective planner skills. I strongly agree that they build very effective and strong relationships with everyone including colleagues, coordinators, team, stakeholders, business owners. I believe they are good listeners throughout the negotiation process from initiating it to end it with a good note. They have the skills to resolve the opposite party’s concern with empathy. They consider all possible ways to find a mutual way for better perceptions only with calm and intelligence efficiency (Jerdee, 1973).

Male leaders are very quick and believed in reaching the points with lesser scenario assumptions. They tend to get straight on the point with a lesser amount of analysis of the execution process. They have better neutral connectivity with lesser hypothetically frontal and back areas or the consequences. In negotiation, males are found with independent transactions with less amount of involvement of his team or sub coordinates either rewarded or disinclined.  It is associated with clarity of the planned tasks with a very secure and solid hierarchical structure. My male manager had the belief in a very strong effective delegation of responsibilities and tasks. Also, if the negotiation does not work out according to his plans, they may blame others for not working out correctly. Male negotiators counter such tactics with very fast returns frequently, they are very strict with their certain responsive behaviors (RILEY & FRANCIS, 2010).  


Rosen, B., & Jerdee, T. H. (1973). The influence of sex-role stereotypes on evaluations of male and female supervisory behavior.

BOWLES HANNAH RILEY, & FLYNN FRANCIS. (2010). Gender and Persistence in Negotiation: A Dyadic Perspective. The Academy of Management Journal53(4), 769–787.

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