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Choose a group/population and complete the following assignment. 

This assignment will be formatted in a PowerPoint presentation to include voice overlay

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Pick a specific group/population. For example, your group could be a women’s group for breast cancer survivors, loss of a child, women who have been incarcerated – these are just a few examples. Pick a population and then dial it down to a specific topic of your choice. 

Once you have decided your topic the following should be included in your PP presentation:

  • Type of therapeutic group 
  • Cultural considerations 
  • What leadership style would work best for this group?
  • Ethical considerations 
  • Identify a therapeutic theory or approach that would work best for this group? 
  • Identify possible challenges the group may incur during the Initial, Transition and Final stages of group. This may be viewed as possible strengths and weaknesses of each stage. 
  • Discuss possible considerations regarding the termination phase of group. 

A reference slide should be provided at the end of your PP presentation. 

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