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The right to representation at a criminal trial is personal, and a defendant has the right to waive the assistance of counsel and conduct a defense pro se. Do you ever believe there is an advantage to self representation and give your argument for your answer?

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Do you believe deception (lying etc.) is a valid and justifiable interrogative technique by law enforcement and why?


Television shows such as CSI and other crime scene dramas have over glamorized the ability of crime labs and criminologists to be able to make miraculous discoveries. Are lineups, show-ups and photographic arrays a thing of the past? Or are they still a vital tool for law enforcement investigators?


The 8th Amendment does not absolutely guarantee pretrial release, although bail is presumed in non-capital cases. Are there other crimes, which you believe bail should not apply? How do bail bondsmen help or hurt the pretrial process?


In a criminal case if you were going on trial or were advising someone, would you prefer to waive a jury trial and have a judge make the decision or keep the jury in place? Why?

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