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For our final assignment of the semester, write an essay about the five bills you’ve been tracking all semester. 

Discuss the progress and current status of each one, and what you’ve learned about each one. If there were hearings, mention some of the people who testified and who they represented. If there were votes, talk about those. I know the legislature has a few weeks to go. What do you think will happen to each of your bills? How would you vote on each of them if you were a member of the state legislature?

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Legislative Tracking Assignment 2
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Submit in Word. Cite your sources.


Tracking Update

H.B. 174 by Canales (Textbooks)- 02/25/2021 H Referred to Ways & Means.

S.B. 125 by Johnson (Texas Clean Care Act) – 03/03/2021 S Referred to Natural Resources & Economic Development

S.B. 11 by Huffman (Composition of the court Appeals District) – 04/15/2021 S Left pending in committee

H.B. 69 by Toth (Prohibiting Abortion at or After 12 Weeks) – 02/25/2021 H Referred to Public Health.

H.B. 829 by Thompson, Sinfonia (Police Officer Misconduct) – 04/14/2021 H Reported favorably w/o amendment(s)

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