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Virtual PPE Assignment

Interview with an HIM Director

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HIM Interview
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Please be as detailed in your responses as possible. Provide the responses in narrative form, then write 2 paragraphs (5-7) sentences each on what you learned from this interview and what you will do to prepare for your future career in HIM. Answer question like you interview an HIM Director.


1. As an HIM Director Which laws do you have to comply with? How do you make sure you comply with all laws, regulations, and standards applicable to your job?

2. What is the most fun Part of your Job?

3. What skills/attributes will I need to be successful as an HIM Director?

4. How do you handle unexpected challenges with doctors/ doctors’ requirements related to your job?

5. Which functions of the department are outsourced? If so, why did you decide to outsource these functions?

6. What should I be doing now, as a student to prepare myself for a successful career in this field?

7. Do you have any suggestions for passing the RHIT/RHIA Exam?

8. What skills/ abilities/ attributes or attitudes do you look for in potential employees?

9. Can you describe the credentialing process for your facility? How are you/ your department involved?

10. Is your Facility Completely electronic? Where you here for the transition, can you describe it?

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