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Extra-credit assignment 1: In this assignment you can earn up to 1 homework’s credit. Estimated time: 2 hours.

Watch 2 Youtube videos. The first one is short. The second one is a full length documentary.

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Extra Credit Assignment 1
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a. Search for and watch:

Rare Video: Japan Tsunami | National Geographic

What was the most memorable part of this video for you?

b. Search for and Watch:

Japan’s Tsunami Caught On Camera Tony Prez

Take note while watching the Video

Summarize what you saw at each of the Following Cities (one by one)

1. Kamaishi

2. Ofunato

3. Rikuzentakata

4. Kesennuma

5. Minamisanriku

6. Togajo

What part of the video scared you the most? Why?

Who do you think was the luckiest? Why?

Who do you feel the most sorry for? Why?

Who do you most identify with? Why?

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