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Week 8 Assignment | Final Project – Research Paper

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Research Paper Topic Proposal
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The purpose of this assignment is for the student to examine topics of interest in the field of coaching, and to demonstrate competence in developing and writing a paper based on the research.

Assignment Guidelines

· Choose a topic of interest.

· This can be accomplished by perusing the textbook chapters and indexes, or by reviewing a potential list of topics provided by the instructor (bottom of this page)

· Gain instructor approval of the topic.

· This step is mostly for your protection (to avoid duplication, to assure the topic is pertinent and manageable, etc.) and will be accomplished via a topic proposal.

· DUE BY END OF WEEK 3. Follow these criteria for the Paper Topic Proposal (10 points):

· Proposed Research Paper Title

· Description of Proposed Research (around 250 words)

· Five (5) potential sources of information


· DUE BY END OF WEEK 5. Follow these criteria for the Research Paper Outline (15 points):

· One paragraph introduction

· Summary of each of a minimum of three main points/findings (approximately 250 words for each)

· A minimum of three (3) different sources than those turned in for the Week 3 Assignment (in APA format)

· One paragraph conclusion


· DUE BY END OF WEEK 8. Follow these criteria for the Final Paper (75 points):

· The paper must be word-processed in 12-Point Times New Roman

· The paper should be double-spaced, with one inch margins on all sides

· Adhere to APA style

· The paper should be around 3,500 words, excluding title page and resources page

· A minimum often (10) sources should be utilized and properly cited


Potential Topics (include but are not limited to):

· Issues in AAU-Elite Level Coaching

· Dealing with Parents/Boosters

· Coach-Teacher Role Conflict in High Schools

· Playing All Sports or Focusing on One

· Salaries of Big-Time College Coaches

· Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports

· Positive (or Negative) Influence of Coaches

· Coaching Qualifications in Youth Sports

· Men Coaching Women (or Women Coaching Men)

· Religion and Coaching

· Cutting Players from High School Squads

· Addressing Agents in College Sports

Due Date May 30, 2021 11:55 PM

Performance Enhancing Drugs:

The Legal Perspective

Randy Ozbirn

SPMT608 I001

Sports Law

Dr. Lisa Miller

November 8, 2020

Performance Enhancing Dugs


Sports and games are rapidly growing as a way of not only recreation but of earning too. Sports have been embraced by people of all genders and ages since the perfectly talented earn a lot from sports, both nationally and internationally. However, literature indicates that many athletes, bike racers and boxers have been deferred for using performance stimulating drugs, some without the knowledge of even doing it. For instance, in 2004, a Kenyan boxer tested positive for the chemical cathinone that is found in khat. The boxer later confessed to his lack of awareness about the drug. According to Gomez (2005), performance enhancing drugs can be administered in different ways, through illegal drugs, dietary supplements or in medication. Performance enhancing drugs are globally disregarded since they kill the spirit in sports where one team or player gains an unfair advantage over teams and players.

Thesis Statement

The use of performance enhancing drugs has been a major challenge among the most famous men and women from all of sports and from ancient days. Many have developed health issues or have been disqualified or suspended from the field of sports after anti-doping agencies realize performance enhancing drugs have been used. This paper is aimed at discussing the use of performance enhancing drugs from a legal perspective.

Why write on this topic?

My paper will first briefly explore about various sports and games, generally, the importance of sporting activities, both locally and internationally, as a form of recreational activity and as a source of income. Importantly, it will be followed by the use of performance enhancing drugs while participating in sports as well at the consequences. This paper will extremely be of help to raise awareness, change perspectives and attitude towards the use of drugs among youth, children and adolescents in sports (Kamenju et al., 2016). Expressive or theoretical understanding of sports are under-utilized in the development of sports principles. This study will also outline the ethical part as well as the global consequences and the impacts to personal health.

Ways to defend thesis statement

For proper analyses and in support of this case study, there are several scholarly resources that strongly and deeply illustrate the concept. The scholarly resourceful in this case are as listed below.


Emran, M. A., Hossain, S. S., Salek, A. K. M., Khan, M. M., Ahmed, S. M., Khandaker, M. N., & Islam, M. T. (2014). Drug abuse in sports and doping. Bangladesh Medical Journal, 43(1), 46-50.

Fraleigh, W. P. (1984). Performance-enhancing drugs in sport: The ethical issue. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 11(1), 23-28.

Gomez, J. E. (2002). Performance-enhancing substances in adolescent athletes. Texas medicine, 98(2), 41-46.

Sigman, S. M. (2008). Are We All Dopes-A Behavioral Law & (and) Economics Approach to Legal Regulation of Doping in Sports? Marq. Sports L. Rev., 19, 125.


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