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OPTION A (“ADVANTAGES”): The novel begins with some advice that Nick receives from his father. Nick attaches “a great deal” to the significance of “advantages.” Please pay close attention to what this word means for different characters, and please consider these questions about “advantages”: What might they be? Who has or doesn’t have them? How can one gain or lose them? Were they granted at birth, earned by hard labor, stolen with impunity, seen as a blessing, treasured or squandered, etc…? Please focus on one or two characters and please refer to specific scenes and pages.

OPTION B (“PASSING / PERSONAS“): The word “pass” has many different meanings, so let’s be clear about what “passing” means here. To “pass” means to create a “version” of one’s original self so that one can become (or at least try to become) a member of another group. The process of “passing” often requires irony, “hustling,” risk, humor, and/or rejection–thus authors and artists find it to be a very compelling subject. Please explain the ways in which one or two characters try to “pass.” (HINT: Maybe look ahead to the essay by Jay-Z and/or the first two chapters of Fun Home!)

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Once again, pick ONE and post a reply. It should be at least 250 words and it needs to be submitted to our Discussion Board by Friday, April 16th by midnight.

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