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Need help with writing a case – need someone that knows forensic laws and social work

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SOCW 6350: Forensic Applications in Community Settings

Outline for Final Project

I. Introduction a. ISSUE : The social work forensic case study problem. (1-2 pg)

1. Identify a social work forensic case study that presents a social problem. Review the suggestions for case studies outlined in Week 1Describe the details of the case study and the related social work issue.

b. RULE: Federal and State Laws, and Statutes Identify a minimum of two relevant laws and/or statutes (federal act, state/county laws)

1. Ex. Erin’s Law, Megan’s Law, Torture Victim’s Protection Act i. Present the specific criteria of the law/statutes. ii. Include any precedent cases. iii. Describe how these laws/statues apply to the social issue in

your forensic social work case study. 1. Ex. Megan’s Law addressed child predators; Erin’s Law

addressed sexual abuse .

II. ANALYSIS (2-3 pg)

a. Analyze laws/statutes according to the criteria or rules presented. b. Analyze laws/statutes in regards to strengths and weaknesses. c. What is problematic of how the law/statute is written (i.e., loopholes) d. Who benefits from the law? e. Considerations for whom the law favors? f. Conclude with your thoughts on whether the laws/statutes are effective in

addressing the social issue of the case study.

III. CONCLUSION What are your recommendations in promoting social change in the community as related to the forensic social work issue? issue? (1-2 pg)

a. What can be advocated by individuals or communities? b. How can the law be changed, amended or rewritten? c. Recommendations for further research

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