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Please read the sample Career Opportunity Requirements and visit  https://my.ahima.org/careermap.  Often different employers have different ideas of what background a (Data, Health, Business Intelligence-BI) Analyst should have…sometimes it’s technology/database to extract data, sometimes it’s accounting/financial, sometimes it’s clinical such as nursing.  There is no standard uniform job description or requirement. 

  • Why do you think this sample employer is seeking this amount of experience?
  • What could you do to plan on gaining this type of experience for your career development?
  • While all HIM professionals do some sort of analysis in their roles, does pursuing a specific data/information analyst position interest you? Why or why not?

Healthcare Data Analytics Experience with data is not enough, experience with data analytics is necessary. We are not so concerned about people who have experience with Data Quality, Cleansing, Governance, etc. We are looking for people who know how to build analytics in healthcare. Experience with 3 different healthcare systems is another way of saying significant experience in healthcare business (3-5 years’ worth) Experience with BI is essential; Tableau is preferred but any one BI tool will do. Need data analytics experience and subject matter expertise. They need to be able to describe in detail 2 or 3 recent projects where they worked in data analytics for healthcare use cases. Required: 1. Expertise working with data Analytics in healthcare IT systems (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, McKesson etc.) 2. Proficient with SQL Database- queries written by hand (not generated by BI tool) 3. Experience with data analysis with reporting, mapping, Extracting 4. Experience of working with at least three or more major healthcare IT systems 5. Experience with any one BI product 6. Experience with Dashboards 7. Experience with Data Warehousing 8. Expertise in healthcare data domains (clinical, claims, billing, etc.) 9. Familiarity with healthcare industry code sets (RXNORM, LOINC, SNOMED, CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10) Preferred: 1. Basic familiarity with hospital and / or clinical workflows 2. Master’s Degree or Clinical Degree (Nursing, EMT, Lab Tech, Pharmacy) or Experience in Care Management 3. Tableau 4. Must be innovative and collaborative. 5. Must be able to communicate effectively with clients’ users and internal developers. 6. Must be FLEXIBLE, ADAPTABLE to changes to process. 7. Must be curious, willing to learn new topics and create new analytics. Other skills: 1. Experience of working on analytics for least two or more of the following data domains – Clinical, Financial, Labor,

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Supply chain, Payer/Claims, Population Health, Revenue Cycle, Business Development, Patient Registration and Scheduling, other systems like Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology etc.

2. Must be adaptable, comfortable with fast-paced start-up environment and innovating new processes 3. Good at logical and analytical thinking with strong problem solving skills 4. Strong collaboration and communication skills – role will have interaction with external customers as well as internal

developers and project managers 5. Ability to engage with business end users and customer IT personnel to elicit and clarify detailed data requirements

to support analysis use cases. 6. Experience creating stored procedures 7. Experience working directly with front line clinicians to design and building BI reports and SQL queries and

dashboards 8. Knowledge of regulatory reporting such as ACO, Meaningful Use, PQRS, AHRQ, Core Measures, AHRQ, VBP etc. 9. Experience working with healthcare data from one or more of major healthcare IT systems including but not limited

to the following: Epic, Cerner (Classic, Millennium), Allscripts (Eclipsys, Sunrise, TouchWorks), McKesson (Paragon, Horizon), Siemens (Soarian, SMS Invision), MediTech

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