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5-3 Assignment: Means: Test of Hypothesis (1-Sample)

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.cls-1{fill:#dee7ff}.cls-2{fill:#ff7734}.cls-3{fill:#f5a623;stroke:#000}MAT240ModuleFiveAssignmentTemplate.docx Home>Mathematics homework help>Statistics homework help>5-3 Assignment: Means: Test of Hypothesis (1-Sample)

Hypothesis Testing for Regional Real Estate Company 3

[Note: To complete this template, replace the bracketed text with your own content. Remove this note before you submit your outline.]

Hypothesis Testing for Regional Real Estate Company

[Your Name]

Hypothesis Testing for Regional Real Estate Company 1

Southern New Hampshire University


[Include in this section a brief overview, including the purpose of this analysis.]


[Define your population parameter.]

[Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Note: Remember, the salesperson believes that his sales are higher.]

[Specify the name of the test you will use and identify whether it is a left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed test.]

Data Analysis Preparations

[Describe the sample.]

[Provide the descriptive statistics of the sample.]

[Provide a histogram of the sample.]

[Specify whether the assumptions or conditions to perform your identified test have been met.]

[Identify the appropriate test statistic, then calculate the test statistic and identify your significance level.]


[Calculate the p value using one of the following tests:

=T.DIST.RT([test statistic], [degree of freedom]) 

=T.DIST([test statistic], [degree of freedom], 1)

=T.DIST.2T([test statistic], [degree of freedom]) 

Note: For right-tailed, use the T.DIST.RT function in Excel, left-tailed is the T.DIST function, and two-tailed is the T.DIST.2T function. The degree of freedom is calculated by subtracting 1 from your sample size.]

[Use the normal curve graph as a reference to describe where the p value and test statistic would be placed.]

Test Decision

[Discuss how the p value relates to the significance level.]

[Compare the p value and significance level, and make a decision to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.]


[Explain in one paragraph how your test decision relates to your hypothesis and whether your conclusions are statistically significant.]

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