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Hello, I have a meteorology homework that I need to submit by Monday 19th at 12pm EST. 

I need you to fill this poster with the information needed. 

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(((((  THE Airport is:    KSWO        ))))

ASOS Poster Guidelines and Scoring Rubric Spring 2021

Figures, Figure Captions and Text

You must use the Powerpoint template provided to do your project poster. You can convert them to a Google-friendly or Mac-friendly version but they need to stay as a presentation type format. I do not want them converted to document formats such as Word.

The Powerpoint template has spots for you to upload figures. In most of the cases you will need to update the figure title to be more appropriate for your particular graphic. You do not need two titles in a graphic and you may need to crop out portions of the images you use. You also need a properly labeled x-axis and y-axis.

The following is an example of a figure with a proper figure caption. Your figures in the poster all should have a numbered caption which helps describe the plot. Figure captions should be concise and describe the data shown and may draw attention to important features in the graph, but I would prefer you to use your main text for most of the interpretation/discussion of your figures. You should be referring to all your figures in the text. For example, you might say something like “The wind gustiness is quite enhanced for winds from the southwest (Figure 10).”

Chart, line chart  Description automatically generated

Listed below are a few comments on each of the poster sections, other notes are included in the provided template.

1. Introduction. (2 figures with titled and numbered captions)

As indicated in the poster template this section will focus on introducing your site. Use graphics that bring home your points for the airport and ASOS location graphics. You can use your climate zone assessment in this section for text discussion.

· The ASOS Location Graphic should be your airport diagram with your ASOS location professionally labeled .

· The “Airport Setting” graphic should be another graphic that shows your location with some geographic context . This could be a google satellite/earth type image, or a topographic image that shows context. This figure, in particular, can be used later in the discussion of wind gustiness and the wind rose to help explain what you are observing in your data.

2. METAR climate statistics (2 figures)

Your discussion of your METAR climate statistics. You must discuss two statistical graphics selected for inclusion – pick the ones you think are the most interesting to discuss. If you want to include information in your discussion from unshown graphics, please add (unshown) in the discussion instead of referring to a figure caption. So, if you want to talk about density altitude, pick that as one of your plots!

3. Wind Assessment (4 figures).

Note that you must include your windrose graphic in this assessment as one of your graphics. A good discussion will relate the windrose data to the ASOS/airport setting as noted in the discussion of your introductory figures. The others are up to you. If you think the crosswinds were an important aspect of your airport, include a figure from that and talk about it. If you think the gustiness was notable, include that figure and discuss it.

4. Weather Assessment (6 figures)

Pick the weather related graphics that you think tell the most important points for this location. Note that you are not limited to the set you sent me as part of the “Freestyle” assignment – you may have thought of some other ideas of what to use and you can run the program again and create some new graphics. Don’t pick graphics that are uninteresting. If you are putting a figure that you don’t think you want to discuss, then you are probably picking the wrong figure to include!

Fill in the author (you) and if you do not use the optional text at the bottom of the poster please delete it. Do not leave it as “Add text here…” that would not be professional and I would take off points for that.

THE NEXT PAGE INCLUDES THE RUBRIC THAT WILL BE USED TO GRADE YOUR POSTER ENTRIES. This will be followed by some other advice on the last page.

· Note that I will be grading on the quality of the assessment and the writing.

· Higher grades will be given for comments and discussions with more insight. This is not just a quick upload of some of your assignment graphs into a poster with some brief comment.

Visual Presentation· The poster has excellent visual appeal, shows creativity.· Excellent use of visuals to enhance the information.· The poster is very professional looking.· There are no spelling, punctuation, grammar, or other writing errors.9-10 points· The poster has good visual appeal, shows some creativity.· Good use of visuals to enhance the information.· The poster is professional looking.· There are few spelling, punctuation, grammar, or other writing errors.7-8 points· The poster has adequate visual appeal with limited creativity.· Some use of visuals to convey information.· The poster is somewhat professional looking.· There are many spelling, punctuation, grammar, or other writing errors.5-6 points· The poster is neither visually appealing nor creative.· Little use of visuals to convey information.· The poster is not professional looking.· There are numerous spelling, punctuation, grammar, or other writing errors that detract from readability.0-4 points
Content(including discussion in 4 sections)· The content is excellent with thorough and innovative ideas discussed· The analysis is very well based upon factual and accurate interpretation of the data provided· All sections are excellently treated17-20 points· The content is good with a decent number of relevant ideas discussed· The analysis is mostly based on upon factual and accurate interpretation of the data provided· All sections are well treated13-16 points· The content is fair with a sufficient number of relevant ideas discussed· The analysis is sufficiently based upon factual and accurate interpretation of the data provided· All sections are sufficiently treated9-12 points· The content is poor and has insufficient number of relevant ideas discussed· The analysis is insufficiently based upon factual and accurate interpretation of the data provided· Sections are brief, missing and/or poorly treated.0-8 points
Required Graphical Content(14 figures with legends)· All 14 graphics are included with figure captions that are well done and that appropriately link to the content written17-20 points· All 14 graphics are included with decent figure captions that appropriately link to the content written13-16 points· All 14 graphics are included with adequate figure captions that mostly link to the content written9-12 points· Missing graphics and/or figure captions. Figure captions are poor and do not link to the content0-8 points

Mr. Splitt – how much writing is too little or too much?

1) The example of a (scientific) poster that has way too much text (and is crammed in) is on the left. It has some other issues as well.

2) The example to the right, for this class – is hitting it about right.

a. Sometimes you might even user much less text than even in this example, especially if you were giving people a “handout” that gives more details or your work. Since we aren’t doing that for your poster I don’t want them too bulleted, to brief, or too large a font.

How to make a scientific poster - School of Physics and Astronomy
PPT - 36x48 Poster Template – Poster Title Line Author and contributor  names The names and addresses of the associated institu PowerPoint  Presentation - ID:1672640

KXXX Weather Assessment

Describe/introduce your airport (you should include the ID!!) and it’s setting (refer to image below)

Describe your ASOS location (refer to your ASOS Location figure below) and its relation to the airport and other features of interest (runways, buildings, etc.). Think of those things that may impact the winds!

Add other information you consider important to introduce your airport. This can include your climate zone determination. Important wx that frequently occurs in the region.

Note, all graphs should have a title and numbered caption.

Introduce and discuss your monthly climate statistics – these plots should come from your assignment “ASOS Monthly Statistics for a Year for Your Site”. Include figures below from 2 of the monthly statistics of your choice below.

You can discuss some of your other monthly statistics as well, but you will need to refer to them as “(not shown)”.

Discuss all your wind assessment work here. You will include 4 graphs of choice in the 1st column (left side) in the red shaded middle portion of the poster. Refer to those graphs in this section. You did a lot of work on wind statistics, including crosswind analysis.

You must include the wind rose as one of your plots! This figure already has a spot to the left. The 3 additional plots below the wind rose plot will be your choice. You should discuss how the wind statistics may be influenced by the ASOS setting and you can refer back to your figures in the Introduction section.

Drive home important points!

Discuss all of your weather assessments. This includes fog, ceilings, flight rules categories and your “freestyle” weather assessment. You will include 4 graphs of your choice in the 2nd column (right hand side) of the red shaded middle portion of the poster (except for the Freestyle graphics). The two figures below should be from your Freestyle assessment.

Drive home important points! Refer to your graphs when making points!


METAR Climate Statistics

METAR Winds and Weather


Figure 7.


Figure 11.

Wind Assessment

Weather Assessment

Wind Rose

Figure 5.


Figure 9.


Figure 6.


Figure 10.


Figure 8.


Figure 12.

Airport Setting

Figure 1.

ASOS Location

Figure 2.

Stats 1 RENAME

Figure 3.

Stats 2 RENAME

Figure 4.

Freestyle 1 RENAME

Figure 13.

Freestyle 2 RENAME

Figure 15.


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