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  1. What is a “core competency”? How is it related to a competitive advantage? Give an example of each concept from an industry other than PC’s or specialty supermarkets. 

 2. Direct supervision is one of the best ways for managers to monitor the behavior of subordinates. However, this method of behavior control can create problems with subordinates. Discuss the problems that can occur and explain what a manager can do to minimize these problems when working with subordinates. 

 3. Discuss three sources of conflict within organizations and give a specific business example of each of these sources. 

4. Define innovation and describe the ways in which it useful in creating and enhancing value. 

5. Describe the questions that a manager should ask to decide if a business decision is acceptable on ethical grounds, under the practical rule. Give an example of how this rule would be applied to an ethical decision a student such as you might have to make.

6. Some management scholars have argued that the use of MIS systems has reduced the need for “tall” management structures. Do you agree or disagree with this conclusion  

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