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Check the Attach 

Pick two of the IDS traffic analysis tools below and compare/contrast them in detail. Please create a matrix to summarize your information.

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· SolarWinds Network Traffic Monitor & Analysis Tool

· Paessler Network Analysis Tool

· NetFort LANGuardian

· Manage Engine NetFlow Analyzer

· Cacti

· FortiGate

· Guardicore

· LogicMonitor

· Wireshark

· NetFlow

· PRTG Network Monitor

I expect a

1. A full page summary overviewing and comparing the tools and recommending a selection.

2. As supporting material, I want a single page matrix for each tool. I’d like to see a matrix with three columns

a. Area see below (e.g. Access Control, Firewall)

b. Whether that area is supported by the tool

c. Notes/discussion stating how it is managed, protects, etc. If it does not cover an area, state that it does not or whether you could definitely find out.

Matrix Example

XYZAuthentication & AuthorizationHow? How well? Supporting statement(s) as to your assessment

The following areas should be researched in each tool

· Authentication and Authorization

· Network Access Control

· Anomaly detection

· Intrusion Detection and Prevention

· Data loss prevent (DLP)

· Endpoint security

· Network/LAN segmentation

· Virtual private network (VPN)

· Support for Wired and Wireless Networks

· Support for Cloud versus On-Premise

· Mobile Device Management

· Costs (per user, per server, etc.)

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